Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 1

Caved on day 7.

This is familiar territory. As I keep making attempts, I make it a little farther each time. Sometimes it takes some learning and self-observation to get farther the next time around, other times it just takes practice in facing your urges and your habits.

This time I caved while at my parents. This is something that I've noticed in the past. I looked at pornography a ton when I was living with my parents and that house just brings it out in me. I remember being able to resist with patience and practice.

It's kind of fun to be trying relentlessly to quit porn again. When you don't beat yourself up, it just becomes a game where you learn about yourself, recognize challenges you've faced before, and use techniques you've created to make it a day farther than before.

I've done 100 days without porn before... Now its time to try a year.

A year is a long long time but I want an ambitious goal.


  1. HeY man keep the blog comin! not stressing you though lol, but i know caving in sucks..sometimes i just couldnt control myself,its really crazy but i guess we'll just have to push harder this is the problem with cold turkey.I hope i encouraged you because i am encouraged with your blog to quit porn at least i communicate indirectly with someone bout this

  2. Yeah, its a relief to admit it to somebody even if it's over the internet.