Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day 70: Day 1 without masturbation

Today, January 14, 2007, marks the 70th day I've gone without looking at pornography. In 31 days, including today, I'll reach 100 days without porn.

I've decided that for the next 31 days, I will not stroke myself or do anything physical to myself to create pleasure below my waste. I think that was a creative way of saying "no dry humping my blanket." hahah

Now I am encouraging myself to have sex if the opportunity comes my way so there's always that but in terms of pleasuring myself.... I'm making a committment right now to go this month without porn and without masturbating.

It'll be a challenge but it's under my control. And now I have to own up to this blog if I fail. So here we go:

Why am I doing it: To explore something new. To see how much testosterone I'll have and the result of that. To see how much more energy I'll have and to see what I'll do with it. To learn how to cope with sexual frustration. To develop other strategies for dealing with stress besides masturbation.
When am I doing it: January 14th til February 14th 2007.
How: Well whats the challenge in this?

1. Sexual urges - I'm gonna be horny. How do I be horny and not masturbate? Well, it's going to take a reason which I outlined in the "why am I doing it" section and it's going to take discipline. My discipline comes from desire... so long as my desire to go one month without masturbating is higher than my desire to masturbate, all is well. I can use NLP to boost my desire to not masturbate for this month and I'll do that here and now at the end of this entry.
2. Stress - Stress is going to be high for the next 31 days. I'll be starting school again and work... and I'll be pursuing chicks which is always hilarious. Without masturbation as a means of relieving stress, I'll be required to work out and bike consistently, meditate, follow the seven rules of spiritual success (which are grade A cool) or if not, I'll end up masturbating. In order to do this I have to make a committment to enjoy and make time for these stress relieving activities. Here we go: I'm committed to making time for, enjoying, and consistently doing the following: working out, biking, meditating, and following the seven spiritual laws of success because they will be fun and they will relieve the stress I'm bound to feel as I take on responsibilities in the coming weeks.
3. Beliefs about my ability to get laid - This one is a personal issue. I noticed when I was quitting porn that this belief surfaced and attempted to convince me of looking at porn.... the idea is that if i can't ever get laid for whatever reason and I'm not masturbating, I'll never get to enjoy the brilliance of orgasming. Here's the deal, I suck with women and I'm working on it. I've found that the reason I suck with women is mostly due to personal issues. I sabotage myself when it comes to women. I'm working on that and I'm making a lot of progress. I have faith that I'll be able to attract and the girls I'm really attracted to... and I don't feel desperate, I'm enjoying this process of self-awareness and self-improvement. WORST COMES TO WORST, I masturbate the morning after day 31... and go from there.

Here's some NLP

When I picture myself going 1 month without masturbating I see: ... i see myself having all kinds of energy and feeling very sexual and sexy. I see myself accomplishing amazing things and being impressed with myself. I see myself being motivated to pursue women I'm attracted to and understanding how to attract them.

So I'm going to take that picture in my head and I'm going to make it more colorful, brighter, and bigger...


Alright I have other things to do today...


  1. cool man good luck!

  2. dude, I don't like your perspective here :D
    NLP might help, but your reasoning seems self-deluding... you only could imagine yourself succeeding (proven working in day-to-day life) to get motivation and hold back, but I don't believe you can do long you resist something you want...try believing you don't need it instead and you might last longer ;]]
    I'm going all out for 14 days already and my personal reasons are far from success, trust me :]

  3. what side of the video do you want to be on------the one having fun making a video with a girl he just met or the lonely guy beating to it?

  4. congrats im having trouble going a day without porn :(

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