Thursday, January 19, 2012

30 days of NLP

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

It sounds complicated and there are many aspects to it but one of the simplest explanations is that it is about changing your behavior by changing the images in your head.

How do you change the images in your head?

You picture yourself looking at pornography. Then you notice the details of the image. Is it big? Is it in color? Is it bright?

Change the image to look small, gray, and dark.

Change the image so that it is hard to see.

This will influence how you feel about looking at pornography.

This is my goal for the next 30 days. I will spend 5 minutes a day, changing images of myself looking at porn and also images of myself regarding my ability to accomplish what I want.

I am picturing myself as a man who is capable of anything. I change this picture so that it is bridge and big and realistic.

I am also picturing myself looking at pornography as old fashioned, gray, and small.

This is my objective right now.

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