Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 1, 2nd attempt

I'm going to start from Day 1 because I want to be able to say for certain "I've gone a year without porn."

I'm going to talk about my life in this journal because the things going on in my life have a direct influence on whether or not I quit. This last weekend, I was home alone and I had too much to do to go out. This made me lonely and resulted in some extreme urges.

Something has to have changed for me to be able to quit.

1. My computer is off except when I need to use it. That means no more webbrowsing period.
2. If I do feel the urges, It's better to go watch a funny TV show that does not have sex in it than to look at porn.
3. Avoid loneliness by hanging out somewhere, even if i have stuff to do. Going out is not going to take up as much time as wasting hours away, addicted to porn.

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