Sunday, November 05, 2006

A very important decision

I've looked at porn twice within the last 12 hours.

The cause: Feelings of loneliness due to having my family away and being stressed out over UC applications. I used porn thinking it would make me feel less stressed out and perhaps alleve my feeling of being overwhelmed.

I had the choice of going to bed and regrouping the next morning but I felt that this was what I had done so many times before and I was fed up with it all.

Truthfully, I feel the solution lies in finding a new source of instant gratification.

I felt lonely. Deciding to go to bed alleviated the loneliness. I felt depressed as a result of being stressed out. Deciding to go to bed did not alleviate this.

I watched some Adult Swim on TV and it seemed to reduce my urges to look at porn until some sexual-related jokes and such came up which only served to fuel my desire.

So in the future, if urges are so bad that I'm seriously considering looking at porn, I will watch non-sexual TV.

The most important decision in quiting porn is upon me. Do I quit trying to subdue my urges for porn after breaking a 67 day streak or do I press on, start over and try harder and smarter this time around?

I'm quitting porn. That is my decision. Who gives if I broke the streak, I've learned from this and I'm still determined.

The only way I can quit at this point is to turn the computer off and keep it off. I will only use it when I need to and I'll give myself time limits.

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  1. You did good.

    Let me repeat that:

    You did good.

    Going 67 days is spectacular. The important thing is not the number of days. The important thing is that you are learning to control yourself better, and you are improving yourself.

    Trying to go 68 days now is probably impractical, but you should be able to make it a week with no trouble at all. If you can consume porn only once a week and not let it get any more involved than that, I call it successfully beating an addiction.

    Porn Forgotten

  2. i have been tryin to quit from hentai and porn .i could last 1 week without porn.and after i get back too , but i am still tryin to quit by geting off the computer.

  3. All you can do is fight man, lot's of dudes (including myself) have struggled with Porn. The sooner you start battling, the better. Don't give up when/if you fail, just get up and keep fighting. It seems like some people are able to stop cold turkey and never be tempted again, but I'd say those people are far and few between. Having someone you can talk to, pray with, and hold you accountable helps too. Keep fighting.

  4. i'll join u in your quest...i have the same prob..may god forgive us..

  5. I will join you all as well. I look at porn when I'm stressed/depressed. I screw away so much of my life and I'm sick of it. It is a true addiction; I've struggled with this for the last 6 years of my life and I've tried everything to stop (believe me) aside from counseling. Today is the first day of a better, happier life! (Thu. Jun 5, 2008)

    Good luck!

  6. ilyt@ameritech.net6/22/2008 12:08 AM

    I think the essential binding dimension of porn addiction is confronting impulsiveness, which I believe fuels the need for instant gratification. This impulsiveness often manifests in the form of an unanticipated and substantially powerful desire that seems to not only disrupt cohesive thought patterns, but also fiendishly demands some sort of remedy or relief. Obviously there are complex psychological mechanisms at work here which, most likely, cannot be "repaired" overnight. However, while one sorts through the root causes of such impulses, I believe an extraordinarily effective way to
    quell them is through writing. I am not talking about academic writing.
    I'm talking about keeping a journal of some sort. In this journal, which should probably be kept very private and secure, one writes down
    fantasy, scenario, and even deviant desires in stark descriptive detail. The mere act of putting "pen to paper", so to speak, acts a
    relatively harmless way to actualize these thoughts and urges...a way to bring them from fantasy to reality without victimization (self or other) or major consequence.

  7. I"m with you. I hope God forgives me, becuase I've completely turned away and fed this addiction. It started small and grew! That's what porn does. they know it and want people to do it. I'm done! I'm going for my streak. Day 1. I repent and pray for Christ's forgiveness and strength as I go without it. I'm removing myself from the situations. computer only faces out. Others present for me to get on...All the strategies. We're all in it to win it fellas! Stay strong!

  8. This is not any other regular task, it is going to be very very tough, but still i am willing to confront the battle and hopefully end the reign of self destruction once and for all. Man, i am tired of swearing never to see it again only to find myself the next day dwelling at the same very site i deeply dis-tasted and hated the other day. Such life is not worth of living and i think am ready to change. NO More Porn! I am going to destroy the porn circuit in my brain that have been built in the past few years.

  9. I first viewed porn when I was about 5 years old. I grew up in a broken drug infested home that was the worst environment to grow in because I've had unnatural desires planted in my brain. I made goals for myself to not be what my mother is and get myself out of the ghetto and into a better life. I've successfully stayed away from all these other types of addictions except that of porn. This is a beast of an addiction especially since I've been married for 4 years now and still struggle with this issue. My wife does not understand that this is a real issue and that I need support. She figures because I'm so strong with everything else that this should not even be a problem. I hurts her and she makes me feel it every time. It's so discouraging that it depresses me more and I revert to the same practices over and over. Please keep leaving inspirational messages on these boards that way it will help me fight my addiction because it does not seem that anyone understands the magnitude of this problem. It's such an embarrassing addiction that it's not one that can be easily discussed with others. Mahalo!

  10. Hey All,

    It's great to read everyone's comments. I used to view a ton of porn and then I met the love of my life and stayed away for years. It was not until a couple of months ago that I was browsing around for work, and like many others I was procrastinating on the work I was meant to be doing and decided to check out one of the old sites I frequented, next thing I know I am signing up and viewing it all the time... it's truly terrible, a little here and there and the next thing you know you looking forward to your next 20 minutes alone at the computer to view some porn... I have quit many addictions, I am healthy, well educated and have a beautiful wife...
    I was at church today and it just dawned on me, quit this or it will have repercussions. I remember how happy I was when I was not browsing Porn. I hope I am successful and able to stop.
    Thank you to everyone that has posted their experiences, I hope everyone has managed to overcome this problem. For those of you like me that are just starting the challenge... Good luck.

  11. Like many of you guys, I've been trying to quit porn on and off for about 3 years, ever since I came to college. I just happened to google 'how do porn stars avoid getting stds,' and came upon a blog that had a lot of testimonials from people in the porn industry. After reading some of the things they wrote about diseases, abuse, drugs, and just how awful it is behind the scenes, I can't imagine being turned on by porn again. But we all know it isn't that easy, and I constantly pray that I can overcome this problem.

    If you're getting tempted, just start saying a prayer. Not only is it hard to get turned on when you're talking to God, but I feel like it gives me the strength to just close that damn window and do something productive with my time.

  12. Its as bad as any drug and is best to stay away.beleve me i know!try gaming its fun and so is martal arts.god is the best the bible.

  13. Betweenignorantpeople10/15/2008 9:19 PM

    Why do people always include the fictional figure God into their struggle? God can help you, believe in God..wooooo.NO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Jeezes, it's pretty hard finding a place with people who don't believe in fairy tales and ACCEPT REALITY. Whatever.

    1. relying on ourselves to quit is why most of us have ended up here. If it were so easy there would be no need for these discussion boards. Maybe you need to ask yourself why the topic of God upsets you so much. By relying on God my life has improved dramatically, plus Im much less stressed out. No longer need to worry about all the little details of life. He is my source, my provider.

  14. hey im glad i found this blog because someone share the same problems that has been haunting me for years.Porn is very evil it attacks all people no matter what race and religion.but when i saw we all unite fighting it i got strength to overcome it.may we all succeed.

  15. Sometimes I waste away 3 hours of my day to porn. I say to myself I am not going to do it today...and 10 minutes later I am at the computer. I just turned 22 and I feel so ashamed of myself. I have a friend that really looks up to me, and I let her down every time I do it. She doesn't know, but that makes it worse. This is truly a horrible thing and what is worse is the accessibility of it. Not to mention the temptation on tons of websites advertising with scantily clad women...This is not easy. I have told myself for years that it is not bad because it is not hurting my health or something really bad but when you start making reasons to keep doing something like this you know you have a problem.
    Good luck. And to the guy bashing God, what you mean is that you can’t see the good that believing in God can give. AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) uses the presence of a Higher Power because they don’t want it to be open only to Christians (my analysis/opinion), but what is a higher power? We are all different, we DO have to accept reality, but we don’t have to bash the things we don’t understand or know. We can’t depend on ourselves or even on other human beings, we always let ourselves down (Either through our actions or our lack of presence)...but can God let us down? Not if we truly believe he is God. Call it a game, call it fiction, but we CAN NOT depend on ourselves, we are the ones who got ourselves into this mess in the first place. We do need others, for support and reinforcement, BUT do not let yourself become completely dependent on one person, when that person lets you down you will be crushed and be much worse off.
    I am not saying all this to sound smart or for the sake of arguing, it is just my experience. My father is an alcoholic (recovering) and one of my good friends was addicted to drugs (hard drugs like cocaine and heroin) and both are doing well because of God. Keep trying, but when we’ve realized we are just humans, imperfect human beings and all we can do is our best to try to be more like Jesus (GOD) (impossible to BE Jesus, but that is the idea, we are not Gods) then we will not be stressed by your mistakes and every positive change will be a lasting one.
    One last thing, unlike Alcohol or Drugs I am not sure it is possible to get to the point where you are killing yourself or finding yourself missing work to look at porn, or waking up with a porn hangover and losing brain cells…etc. Thus this is most challenging in that you may never hit a low that makes you want to turn your life around. My dad and my friend both hit a low, lows that nearly had their lives. This is difficult, very difficult to overcome and understanding that will show you that any victory big or small is a victory. 67 days is more than I can imagine, way to go!

  16. i am also trying to quit porn.
    this is the first time that i am really serious about quitting.
    thanks for the advice, all

  17. Great posts. I am also trying to quit. I like the idea of 'one day at a time' and also trying to keep in mind how shitty I feel afterwards before I start. Thanks.

  18. My bf has been looking at it for at least 6 years. I'm trying to be supportive and help but he's been all like, i'm sorry and does great then looks again! He doesn't understand it hurts me sooo much. Like he's cheating on me. I'm trying to find new ways to help him quit. I'm glad i found these posts, keep trying!

  19. All of you are an inspiration to my common cause. I hate the way I promise never to go back again and then forget, and find myself back in the place i never thought i would go. God has a better plan for all of us, and he loves us regardless of what we fall into, he is ready and willing to help us out. My gameplan from today, through a thirty day purge, is a weekday computer bann, nightly Bible reading, morning prayer, and weekly checkups on this blog for support. After the thirty days of purity, i won't stop to fall again, i'll be empowered knowing that i can do it again, and i will use that aswell as praying more often and pressing harder. I am so glad that i found this blog. God bless you all, purity is possible.

  20. This has all been very encouraging for me. I know I'm not alone, and I want to stop hurting my wife - and God. I know they both forgive me, but that doesn't mean I should keep looking at porn. I'm looking for an accountability partner. Someone I won't meet, but we can hold each other accountable - set goals, encourage each other. Is anyone interested? E-mail me at .

  21. I'm on the same boat as you all. I kept telling myself that my watching of porn had not become an addiction, but unfortunately it has. Porn has consumed me; it truly is the most addictive drug. I kept watching porn because I thought it was not harmful. But I was terrible wrong. Porn has many adverse affects including making you less social and widening the gap between you and god. If you masterbate while watching porn, as I'm sure most people do, you are subjecting yourself to many harmful biological effects including constantly being tired, being unhygienic, not to mention other effects such as hair loss. If you truly want to beat porn, you have to have a strong desire to live without it. This desire can come in many forms such as religious guidance, practising self-control, and even consulting a trusted friend. I hope all of us can rid ourselves of this vicious virus, and return to our true selves.

  22. Looking back ,I have been addicted to porn probably for about 10 years. I am 27. 27, can you imagine that? I feel like I have wasted 10 years of my life. I have tried so many times and experienced times when I was able to "feel" free of this addiction and then as soon as I let my guard down, it "happened" again. I got divorced over it already a few years ago and could have never imagined that looking at that first magazine would ever have such a result. I have had so many times when I thought I was ready to quit but this time I realize that I have to and am going to. Once I heard of someone who had been battling pornography for 30 years. It really really scares me, because I hate what it has done to hurt those in my life as well as myself. Anyway, my point is that i am going to do it this time. I can't do it on my own and I really need help. What I want to do is to hear from you guys and I will email you back with encouragement and need your encouragement as well. Email me at

    Maybe i can make a mailing list of sorts and write encouragement every day if this is what it takes to get this out of our lives.

    I am so tired of having this burden and everyone always telling me it can't be done. We CAN DO IT!!! but we need to do this together. Together we can be strong.

  23. I just posted a rather lenghty comment on quitting together and realized that I might have put the wrong email. It is supposed to be instead of So if you read that post know that it is at instead of thanks

  24. Great BLOG!
    I am a recovering alcoholic (2 years sober). I quit porn 4 days ago and intend to stay quit forever.
    I disagree with one of the earlier posts that said we can't depend on ourselves. We can. I don't believe in god and was able to quit drinking because I believe in myself. I am hoping to use the same power to stay away from this goddamn internet porn.
    Thanks for all the posts!

  25. Hey friends, looks like I've found some real help.
    I have really 'everything going for me' on the outside, and yet this cruel mental sexual slavery has warped my decision making over the years... I've missed out on some beautiful REAL relationships...guys thanks for the honesty from your hearts...but please whether you use a higher being as inspiration or not... keep it positive for the sake of others who are already sensitive and frustrated... because really, we all are hurt... This disease thrives on negativity and shame so WHATEVER POSITIVE strategy you use(personal self will only, a loving higher power, GOD, your kids...or any combo USE IT!) Let's end this life sapping PLAGUE. EVERYONE on this blog has something to offer and a REAL LIFE to live....
    The fact your on this blog and contributing to shows you are a GOOD person TRYING to help yourself and others...keep writing, keep fighting! I wish nothing but victory for all of us. Thank you for caring and sharing.

  26. I have to quit guys this addiction is destroying me mentally physically and spiritually !


  27. Really encouraging reading about our common struggle. I really want to quit this depressing habit of mine. I pray that I will be able to quit again some day. I've been able to do that before.

    Keep up the positive spirit.

  28. please i need help. I have been addicted to pornography for 4 years now. I have tried quiting so many times but it hasnt been possible. I broke a 4 month streak and i'm not happy about it. please someone should help me.

  29. Pornography is evil. Do not look at it. It debases people around you in your eys.

  30. Decided to quit for 100 days to see if I was "really addicted". Boy am I. Porn is really a horrific distraction. You can be functional and view pornography: you can have a family, relationships, a job and a life. But Porn severely reduces your quality of life. It's been an unhealthy habit and a drag on everything I've wanted to accomplish. Thanks to everyone who's wrote in this blog... it helps. I'm just 28 days into quitting. There are a lot more hours in the day now! Frequent exercise is really helping reduce the stress. I started with the exercise even before quitting porn and now I'm training for a half marathon. I'm not a jock type. Call it sublimation if you want to- it works! I got into grad school too.

    Now I realize that any habit that is repetitive and secretive is not only damaging to any intimacy I might have with another person, (sexually or otherwise) it's also severely damaging to my sense of integrity. I suspected quitting porn would improve my relationship with my wife. It surprised me how much quitting has improved my relationships with a lot of other people too: friends, family, children, coworkers, everyone. I feel temptation to view porn regularly but the benefits of a porn free life are too great to give up. I send my best wishes to everyone who wants to quit.

    Quick note on masturbation as it can be a tricky point: Whether or not you give that up is up to you. My religion doesn't permit pornography (never stopped me before), but my religion no longer describes masturbation as a sin. It's seen a normal natural function (anything taken to excess can become twisted and a distraction from your spiritual life of course.) If you do decide not to eliminate masturbation, I strongly suggest you avoid closing your eyes and visualizing porn images. If you've been addicted to porn, you have a mental warehouse filled with images. Avoid them, (that was where I nearly backslid.) If you masturbate without them, you might find masturbation to be a LOT less interesting. I find that without the excessive stimulation brought on by viewing porn there isn't much urge to masturbate, but I'm much older than many people who have posted on this blog and hormones are as much of a problem after your 20's. Either way don't beat yourself up about it. Too much self recrimination can lead you into an unhealthy cycle: quit, fail, guilt, total backslide, quit, repeat ad nauseum.

    If you are trying to quit and you fail, forgive yourself and then quit again. Focus on the benefits of a porn free life. There are huge benefits to quitting. I wish everyone a great life free from addictions and compulsions!

  31. I quite porn for about 90 days and recently started again. It has a way of creeping up on me in subtle ways. I started a few days ago looking at some videos on youtube with no nudity, then it progressed to other sites.

    I am resolving to quite again and this time avoid all sexual videos, including those with no nudity. I see how porn tends to distract one from the important things in life, so it is much better to stay away. I hope I will be successful and I wish you all luck.

  32. This is the first time I have looked into quitting porn without having the aftereffects of the guilt trip. I have been using internet based porn since my first PC 12 years ago. Like every one else I hate the fact that I let it get to me and “&*@% I did it again!” I can go months without viewing it, and occasionally (once/twice a week) thinking about it doesn’t bother me. It’s when I get sucked back onto the PC that really knocks me down. I’ve been confronted by my wife years ago, and she explained to me that to her “It is cheating”. We talked for hours and at the time it made sense to me. However, most of you know when porn takes over you urges “anything that normally makes sense is now nonsense.” Anyway, I hope that my first step here ends up being my turning point on the topic, and eventually one day I will realize I am cured somehow.

  33. Porn is truly a sick and evil thing, both to the consumers it addicts and the young women it exploits. As a naive and undersexed teen, it was the perfect getaway for me, but it only served to further alienate me from normal socialization and to view women as solely sexual objects and not actual people.

    I'm in the process of quitting it. Reading about the realities of the porn biz and the sexual exploitation of women that goes on everyday in normal society is a big help. Basically, form a conscience and an iron will against perverse innuendos you see on the tube. Avoid them if possible.

    Most of all, don't give in. It's a downward spiral. A University of Utah study found that addiction only worsens as it goes on.

  34. Hey, I was just reading your post, and I have to say it is very encouraging to be reminded that I'm not alone in this struggle. I, too have been trying to quit porn. I went over two months, then returned to it about 10 minutes ago.

    I know what a destructive habbit it is; I've heard countless stories about people's lives being ruined because of this addiction (men losing their wives, women commiting suicide). I myself ended a relationship almost solely based on my addiction to porn. But for some reason when I'm finding myself tempted, all that goes out the window, and it doesn't seem that bad.

    I really belive that we must take radical action if we want to free ourselves of this harmful practice. God can give us the power to change. However, he cannot impose upon our freewill. We have to decide to want to change, to get help, to get our lives back. Thank you for being honest and I wish you the best.

  35. Wow, I can't believe how many people I share this problem with. Reading about how it creeps up you and how just looking at youtube videos can progress into all out hardcore. I have been struggling with quitting for the past 4 months now. My girlfriend hates that I do it and she is hurt everytime she finds out. She is so beautiful though and more than good enough. Reading all these comments has really given my inspiration to stop. I think one of the main keys in stopping is preventing the "trigger". This can be just one picture of a hot girl or something sexy on tv. It's like a snowball effect. I think that stopping that "snowball" before it starts is best. Also just take up another hobby. I'm going to try to read more. Books are truly great, its just sitting down and getting into them that's hard. I hate how porn and beautiful women are just a click away. I know my girlfriend deserves better and I want to not have to lie to her anymore. I wish everyone else luck! I truly believe in a more wholesome life without porn. We can do it :)

  36. Man, am I glad I typed those two little words into the google search field..."quit porn". Here many of the things I'm reading ring so true and I'd like to thank in particular anonymous 03/09/2009 for his first two paragraphs because they were exactly how I feel. Believe me I'm no church boy by any means, but I've realized porn has for me become a crippling addiction that's wasting precious life and beautiful feelings away.

    Porn can steal the talent right out of you and leave you wondering what you've gained in the end. I've spent hours a day and stayed up late many a night looking at, and of course masturbating to porn in front of the computer. Only to be left mentally and emotionally disgusted after I'm done. If I'd spent those hours on one of my other great and rewarding hobby's such as guitar and photography or even just learning about something new I would have much more to offer and enjoy out of life than I do after looking at porn. Now what's to say that porn is any worse than any other time-wasting activity that benefits nothing (such as playing video games, watching tv)? For me it's the fact that it's private and kept secret, like a second home that you want to get back to at any time. I know it's bad when I can't wait for my pretty girlfriend to leave,take a shower or go to sleep so I can hop on the computer and wack off to porn. And, more importantly it has produced perverted thoughts that distract me from my daily life. It has crept it's way into my social life with random perverted thoughts arising through daily conversations and inspired by last night's porn... Sacrificing my own character I've realized is simply too much of a trade.

    Porn for me has created horrible feelings during some "sessions". I've found that I not only feel of course excitement or satisfaction from seeing the girls but also jealousy and hatred at other times. The porn biz itself and all of it's horrid little stories and ^%*&ed up happenings is a topic all itself.

    I'm 27 now I've realized that I've wasted enough of my time and life and still have plenty that I could enjoy if I stop. I'm by no means someone who has quit but merely a guy who now realizes the graveness of the situation for himself and is inspired by all the others here. I'm really thankful for all of the suggestions given here. I like the idea of reducing it to once a week and seeing then if it's possible to lengthen that week, also using masturbation without mental images whenever necessary.

    It's time for me to start doing something with my time, and giving back to my girlfriend, friends and family and end that terrible feeling that comes with porn addiction.

    Good luck to us all, I think we're doing the right thing by quitting,


  37. This is the first time i am going to write about my porn addiction ever. I'm still ashamed of having to use an anonymous name to admit it. This addiction has taken over my life for 2 years, I as all of you have experienced the same feeling of hoping to give up one day just to find yourself doing it again. Thankfully i found this site to just let it all out now. It will take 18months to get the receptors and more importantly myself normal again. wow by then I'll be 18. But imagining the life i can have at 18, it's either being still hiding this addiction and continuing it, or back to my memorable addiction-free days. 18months, and today is day 0 hour 1. The thought of finally quitting excites me, finally able to be freed from these shackles.

    In fact after just writing the things above, I am already feeling empowered, I will quit this addiction once and for all. To all those who read this, join me on this journey, make the lives around you better, stop making excuses this is for yourself and your friends and family.

  38. This site is amazing! thank you everyone here for sharing your thoughts. My battle began when I was on my father's computer when I was younger, and saw a link to porn on the scroll down. I was around the age of 12 and I grew addicted to it. I got onto it whenever I could and no one was around. I loved the feeling it gave me but was too young to truly understand exactly what it was.
    Now at 20 I am still watching it. As everyone else has said it gives you a high but then leaves you feeling disgusted with yourself afterward. I also feel resentful of my father most of the time because I know he still does look too and I blame him for being exposed to it in the first place. so porn has driven a wedge between my father and I for a long time. I hope I can get over this eventually. I want to be free of this from now on, whenever I think I might slip I'll come here instead and read my post and all of your posts and feel better for not slipping up and looking.
    thanks for this site

  39. Day 02: Last 2days have been easy, but now getting something again. Don't worry I'm fighting it. Remember guys, 18months for your freedom, your whole life. Its not something you can lose to. Ok back to computer games lol, this site is now my new diary.

  40. Hello everyone!

    It feels weird to realize that I am just one more of you. I always thought I was unique, that my problem was only mine. It is hard to write these words now. It feels like exposing my soul to you. I am now 25...I started watching pornography when I was around 11 years old. I started masturbation around that time. If I counted the times I have masturbated since then, it would surely be larger than 500...WHAT?!
    I need to quit, please! I am also concerned about my brother, who is older than me. I have always known what websites he watches and I've always known he is in the same problem. We've never talked about that.
    The accessibility is so huge...but, yes, I have lost a big chunk of my life. It may not seem so to others, since I have accomplished some things in my field, but IMAGINE what could have I achieved without that damned vice?
    I hope the sense of reality that writing this gives me, helps me remember the truth about the lie every time I am about to fall in it.
    Pray for me!

  41. i need help

  42. Derrick Brillhart6/15/2009 11:43 PM

    I am 18 and have just graduated high school. I am working and I have a bright future ahead of me, the only problem is I am addicted to porn. I started looking at porn years ago, I don't remember the exact date. It used to be I looked every couple of weeks or so whenever I had the house to myself, but once I got internet in my bedroom it became almost a daily thing. I've tried to quit many times but it never works. When I told my ex girlfriend that I had looked at porn while we were dating she got so hurt she said that she felt dirty whenever I was around her...

    My adult life is just starting, I don't want to go in to the real world with this hanging heavy on my heart. I'm afraid of the effects it has on me and want to quit so badly. I feel so depressed right now but reading all of your comments has given me hope. Thank you...

  43. Good luck man, it's tough.

    Like many here I started out pretty infrequently but with faster internet and more privacy I've been able to start watching it every day, and recently I realized I need to start working on getting clean.

  44. "Reading about how it creeps up you and how just looking at youtube videos can progress into all out hardcore."

    ^^ This. It started at sexy non-nude shots for me, then to videos, then on and on.

  45. God help us all to quit this disguisting habit. Not only are we disrespecting ourselves, we are disrespecting God, our families, wives, and most importantly the women that make a living making this filth, if we could just stop watching they wouldn't make money and they would quit throwing their bodies away for our sick pleasures.

  46. It's encouraging to see that I'm not the only one struggling with this addiction. Quitting is very difficult. The accessibility is just mind-numbing. But we must do it.

    I've only quit for a week and already I see improvements in some of my relationships. What dragon999~ said above was particularly poignant: "I know it's bad when I can't wait for my pretty girlfriend to I can hop on the computer and wack off to porn."

    So true. I've been there too.

    I'm not a religious person at all, but I can understand when something is destroying the quality of my life. I'm looking to porn to fill the gaps in my other relationships, and it's a meager and unhealthy substitute. I hope you all have success in quitting, and I hope I can soon join you in being porn-free.

    1 week in,

  47. I have been struggling with porn for a while and know my whole family knows. i quit porn starting today.

  48. Get off the net. Thats what i believe will help you stop looking at porn.Its so accessable.I look at it sometimes and I hate it and feel guilty but then eventually i look again. I want to stop for good .

  49. Hello, it is all true what has been writen and we should stop we know that but it is sooo tough tough tough.
    I agree with the comment above you have to change your habbits fundamentaly ie do not go along the street of porn THE INTERNET.
    I think this little story is very aptand may help..personnaly speaking the internet is the street with the hole and if I avoid the street I will avoid the hole .... good luck to all ...more success stories please of they are out there to give us all more hope.
    Stage 1:
    I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost. I am helpless. It isn't my fault. It takes forever to find a way out.

    Stage 2:
    I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I don't see it. I fall in again. I can't believe I am in this same place. But it isn't my fault. It still takes a long time to get out.

    Stage 3:
    I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it is there. I fall's a habit...but my eyes are open. I know where I am. It is my fault. I get out immediately.

    Stage 4:
    I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

    Stage 5:
    I walk down a different street.

  50. I'm going to quit porn forever cold turkey

  51. HEllo all, i am in pretty much the same boat as you all, i am a "Good Church Boy" with a dirty little habit. i think we should talk about some practical tips and strategies.

    ONE thing i did was own up to my parents, yeah pretty extreme, but i was pretty desparateand they put a password on the computer (my only access to pr0n) and so now i can only go on the comp when i other family at home, yeh that tactic mightnt work for everyone, but it helps a bit for me,
    Also getting your dad or a friend to install programs like K9 (free programs that make it hard to look at porn) is pretty useful. anyone else have any ideas?

  52. I am 17 and addicted to porn. When I was younger, I was addicted to masturbation. Somehow, I managed to stop that. My addiction to pornography is just as bad, though.

    What bothers me the most is that I know how wrong it is. I am often able to quit for a few weeks but always end up coming back to it. I hate the secrecy, unwanted thoughts, and shame.

    If you believe in any sort of higher power, please pray for me and for us all. Everyone who has posted here has made a step in the right direction and I thank God for that.

  53. "Boredom is the devils workshop" is one thing i believe is absolutley right and ive quit and gone back to porn for a year now and when im not doing porn for that month, every girl i see in highschool just seems more beautiful and respectable to me. while doing porn i found out that girls at my highschool were not a attractive as they are when im not doing porn. you lose all respect for women while doing porn and are more objects than people. what im saying is just what is on my mind, im typing this at midnight because i was just doing porn at 11:30 pm this night and im tired of it because not only brings me down it brings down my relationship with God and i want to be close to God because i feel safe with him and being in highscool does not help either. i just want to say this is a big problem of mine and happy to share my thoughts with this site i hope typing this and coming to this website more often will help with my want for porn and i can finally quit for good. thank you..

  54. Hi all-

    Your comments and inspirations have been a tremendous help to me. I can't tell you how much better I feel knowing I am not the only one with this problem.

    I started doing porn as a freshman in college and have continued for the last three years. It makes me disguisted every time I am finished because I know I am better than the addiction. ALL OF US ARE BETTER THAN THE ADDICTION. I believe in myself and God to get me through this issue and I feel that if you truly believe that you can rid yourself, you are taking the all important first step. You have to believe in yourself.

    I was just sick and tired of the way I was feeling, doing it secretly and always taking time out of my day to fit it in. I have so much more to offer to this world, I have real emotions and feelings that are lowered more and more evertime I watch it. I don't want to lose that because they make me so unique.

    All of these messages and thoughts have been so powerful. As of today I am going to belive in myself that I can kick this ugly habit. You can all do the same, I believe in each and every one of you.

  55. some more things about what porn addiction is doing to me. i think the thing that really switches my mind into porn mode is pictures of women that are purposely trying to look sexy. This triggers a variety of pornographic images in my mind and bam i'm back at the computer. What can i do to stop myself before i walk in my hypnotic state to the computer? btw the way this started for me was on the itouch app store where they had ads for porn apps. i would just go back and forth, then i discovered that you could delete history and safari and it got way out of hand. i think the main reason that i started that literally every other boy my age looked at porn, and still do. The difference is that I, like you guys are good people inside that respect women very much. i think porn shocked us so much that we were just pulled in for good. Porn showed me my weakest moments and I believe once i've gotten all the pornographic thoughts out of my head i will be stronger than ever. incase u didn't read my last post, i'm a 13 year old and i've quit for 18 days so far. After being porn-free for so long, i'm already feeling alot better about my self and just feel healthier overall. Together, i hope we can all get through this and come out stronger then before we began.

  56. wow.
    Well, i just read every post on here and when i got to the bottom and saw post a comment, i realized that is was my turn. less than half and an hour or go i was in bed with my wife and we were looking up whatever on the internet. she fell asleep and i went to check my e-mail. As usual, there were the random messages in there that grab attention and start this violent downhill slide that led me to actually sneek out of bed and into the living room. I did it.

    I am nearly 23 now and started checking it out about 10 years ago. I'm a christian and God is the most awesome part of my life. I'm in school now and my plans are to go into seminary eventually. I have always known that what i do is wrong and always wanted to quit. I've gone for days before as well as weeks and even months sometimes. However it happens, it happens and I'm sickened by it the moment it's done. I hate if with a passion for the control i let it have on. but noone knows, so i never took it seriously for long. I had an accountability buddy that i've know all my life. After a good while, we stopped asked. Then we had both admitted to being dishonest in our accountability. I can't believe what attract me. it's vile and disturbing how, while i'm there, i become a totally different person and feel as if i am not responsible for my actions.

    It took less than 10 seconds for me to google "how to quit porn" tonight after all was done. I haven't cried in years, but after not many messages into this blog, my eyes began to water. I really allowed myself to feel that i wasn't alone. you can't say "i'm not into that" around the guys, they call you gay. you can't tell your wife, cause you don't know that it won't ruin your marriage. you can't look at your sons in the face and be proud of yourself as a father. I despise what this has done to me. I broke down when i read the post that said i need to first "forgive myself". I never thought that before. i was that last person on the list of who to ask forgivness from. I'm the only person who knows, so that's where i will start tonight. Don't go another day without letting yourself be in control. Don't waste anymore precious time. I want to be in control. I want God to know that i want it. I want everyone like me to know that this is for real and this ends TONIGHT! No more sketchy e-mails, no more "in-private" browsing, no more checking and re-checking history. My wife bought me a brand new computer because she was proud and it took 2 days to forget that. look what i've done with my gift. look what i've done with my life, not from the outside as others see it, but from the inside, the way all you like me, see it. It's always darkest before the dawn they say. tonight was very dark. We will do this. I hope everyone finds their darkest night and feels the way i do now. Curse my demons and set myself free. God bless. If you don't believe, it doesn't matter, just quit, if only for yourself.

  57. I have been addicted to porn for at least 10 years. I switched over to Internet porn about 4 years ago, and that took it to another level. Before I had to go to a video store or adult book store. Now it is unlimited without ever leaving my home.I have tried to quit before. I even sought professional help. Once my relationship ended I fell back into old habits. These Internet sex sight know your addicted and they pray upon you weaknesses. If your in your in your 20s please seek professional help or you will end up like me. I am 42 years old single, and never married. I believe my porn addiction is a major reason why. It ruined my last relationship which lasted 4 years.I am trying to quit once again (3 days) and I hope this blog helps. wish me luck

  58. Thanks guys for your comments. A study was done a couple years ago saying that porn is more addictive than heroin... To me that is scary and I've been trying to quit for years but haven't been able to. It just makes you feel so shitty and worthless... But I'm glad I'm trying to quit with all of you. Keep it up and let's do it not only for us, but for everyone around us.

  59. I was on facebook and saw a whole lot of pictures of my ex with my best friend. They have been friends way longer, but he has always been jealous of me and her while we were dating. When I saw these pictures, I was so angry and all I could do was curse and yell. I dropped the f bomb so much that i just typed it into google. then i realized exactly what i had done. I felt so shitty and just wanted to end all of this crap. so i typed in "quitting pornography" to google and this blog popped up. i don't think i've cried so hard and so instantly knowing that i'm not alone and that you guys have the same problems as me

    I started looking at porn with a friend of mine in 6th grade. around 8th grade i started to masturbate. I'm now a freshman in college (wow, that feels weird to type) and have been battling this addiction a majority of my k-12. That is pathetic. I hate this industry so much. I want to be rid of all porn.

    Thanks for being there for me. I have a new site to go to when i'm bored.

  60. God bless us all.

  61. Truth is that I have had porn as a part of my life for many years. I am 20 now and 2 years ago I got saved by Jesus Christ. With his help I was able to rid myself of pornography and bring my perception of women and life in general back to what it should be.

    The problem is that I liked to boast it, most of the time to myself, that I had let it go. As if it were an accomplishment I had made on my own, discrediting what Christ had done for me.

    Ultimately it snuck back up on me. Once in a blue moon at first but now, it is becoming something that hits me every few days. It is not terrible yet but I am disgusted at the thought of going down that path again.

    So for those of you here who believe, pray for me. Know that the momment I finished writing this that I prayed for all of us here.

  62. Wow, what inspirational comments, I read every one. I am also addicted to porn, on several ocassions I've tried to quit, but it IS hard, keep trying guys, I'm giving it another go after reading all these comments! I'd write more but typing on an Ipod Touch is really hard, lol. -Cheers guys, Goodluck to you all.

  63. Pornography is a harmless behaviour in itself. It's the people who use it that need to examine their motives. The industry is, for the most part, characterized by lots of talentless individuals who express the need to exercise control over others to satisfy their lack of self belief.It is the people who use it that most often cause the harm whether it be irresponsible sexual activity all they way through to sociopathic homicidal behaviour. Exercise is the best method of dealing with exessive energy...try it and you will take control of your own life, look great and attract people who will see you as a person they admire!Who knows this may even lead to "doing" rather than "watching" which is way more fun...and isn't that the purpose of life?

  64. I might Sound a little Funny or something ...
    But ...
    I think Those who can marry should marry as that is a one time solution ...
    The others who can not marry can fast ...
    Reason - If you controll you food, sleep and drinking ... You can literally controll everything ... Although it takes some days for u to take the effect ....

  65. Guys I hope all of us succed in this and let it be known that it cannot be done without God, I will be praying for you all, please pray for me.

  66. Porn is horrible, we all need to stop, including I. It destroys relationships with others and God, it is truly evil and we all need to do our best to keep strong. We read the Bible, and pray to God for forgiveness, and help.

    God bless you all.

  67. Keep going buddy

  68. there is a ton of material here to choose from, and i am prob not the best to take advice from seen how i looked at porn an hour ago. having said that, my streek is at 75 days with out porn. i have come closer to what i think the issue is. its weird, the longer you go with out porn, the less intense the desire to look at porn becomes. i got a feeling im near the end of this habit because the feeling is not as intense as it was before. ive taken 10 day silent meditative retreats to get to the bottom of this deabilitating dis-ease. its part feeling and part habit( in my case). i can go a few weeks and then not have a single urge, then my mind says,'look at porn'( which is obsured!), but i obey. my trick is to overcome the habit, not the urge which i think ive overcome. its true that bordem does add to the mix. i have fallen many times in the past because there was nothing to do, so u go on the computer promising your self you wont look at porn! lol, but... you know. when i reached the 75 days mark i felt good. i was proud of my self. my goal was 100 days, but hey i got that far. now that i look back i could have got there but was so overjoyed id gotten that far, who cared if i failed. so i did. before i did look at porn pretty much everyday. i was 18 at the time so go figure. i can go a few weeks easy now with out look at P, but i still mess up. dont supress it guys. dont put it to the back of your head. face it. overcome it. but again who am i? i havnt reached the end liberating goal. hope to be there soon
    good luck

  69. I want to sincerley THANK the person responsible for creating this "venting chamber". I am hoping to permanently quit internet porn as I am a married man with hopes of having kids soon. Its been only one week and I feel pretty good. Today, I just deleted a ridicuouls amount of movies and canceled any porn accounnts outstanding. Funny thing is I had to go to the porn site to cancel (didnt stay on tho, just canceled). As seems to be the case with all those who have shared, I have spent countless hours over a +12 year period feeding my own desires on this stuff. I probably could have built a god damn rocket ship with for NASA hadnt it not be for all the wasted time and energy viewing ang getting off on porn.

    I think what finally drove me to this decision, quitting that is, was the fact that I was losing desire for my wife. I dated a lot before we married, and actually used porn as a supplement to my relationships. It never affected my sex life but it DEFINITELY affected my relationships with women on a personal level. The women on the internet, who we lust over, and who perform dergrading sexual acts and allow themselves to be defiled and ultimately humiliated - do it with a smile. I thought they actually enjoyed it for a while. Until you hear of some of the horror stories of what actually goes on behind the set. I began to view all women this way. How can you not when you spend 4-5 HOURS A FRIGGIN DAY LOOKING AT IT!

    So, one day at a time. Im not sure to what extent my addication lies but Im going to say its probably worse than I want to admit. Nonetheless, the steps I have taken in recent days has to be a positve. And as I write this, im actually looking forward to having sex more frequently wit my wife - who is real and not an image on the screen (funny thing is she doesnt even know about my sitation wit porn but rather thinks I like to be alone sometimes).

    I want to wish everyone on this board the best of luck in overcoming this habit. You should all congratulate yourselves for (1) recognizing and (2) taking steps to get clean. Becuase after all - it is like getting clean. Its the most easily, accesible 100% legal drug, anyone can find - and it seems to always prove to be more gratifying as the breadth of porn content seems inexplicably overwhelming. Any way, God (or whatever higher power you believe) bless you guys (and/or women) and dont be too hard on yourselves. The road is long and treacherous, but its the only road available if you seek to have a fulfilling life. SO buckle up and enjoy the ride until its over.

  70. I don't know what to do, I'll be bored and my mind says well go look at porn. I'll look at it and than I will feel guilty right after, it sucks, than I won't look at it for about a week then I'll do it again this has been going on ever since i've tried to quite.
    What should I do?

  71. I've been involved in looking at porn since I was a teenager. I started looking once every few weeks, then it of course escalated and by the time I was 18 I was looking at pornography more often. Now I'm finding that even though I try to quit, I still end up looking a couple times a week. You all know the horrible feelings it leaves you with. While you're looking, you tell yourself "it's just for awhile" or "it's not so harmful" while in the back of your mind you know 100% how damaging it is to your own feelings. I've cried so many nights after looking at porn and all of the pain still hasn't seemed to force my body to quit. I have a wonderful girlfriend who I never want to hurt, but she doesn't know about this habit of mine and I think it would devastate her and our relationship. Already I'm sure it has preventing me from having a better relationship with her than I am.
    I know it's wrong every time I do it and I've never wanted to stop more than I feel tonight after reading all of these comments here.
    I really want to end this now. My problem is keeping myself motivated. I'm normally too busy to look at porn but I find a way somehow. If I can stay motivated all of the time I could stay away from this, but staying motivated is difficult and probably impossible to stay motivated forever.
    I know I need to quit right now! Right now!
    In order to quit I will pledge myself here and now to refrain from using the computer when I'm alone. I promise myself tonight that I will do exercise daily to remove stress, and I WILL get out of the house more often even if I only take a walk. I will use the internet less often even when other people are around.
    This habit has wasted so many hours of my life that I could have spent doing things I enjoy and making myself a more talented person.
    Regardless of religion, pornography is evil.
    I will end this now and I will never turn back.

  72. I have had a porn problem for six years. I started at a very yound age of fourteen. At first I didn't realize what it did to my life, but in time I saw how I couldn't be the same me.. It made me not be the worker that I should be because I couldn't stop thinking about it. It didn't matter hwo much or how hard I tried to quit nothing seemed to help. I wanted to so many times to punch my screen out on my laptop, but I knew I would regret it later and prob get fired because I need a laptop for work. I have tried everythingm but honestly the only things that I know will work is with the help of God. I need his help without him it is impossible. I start today with the help of God to quit looking at this porn. If I don't stop it will ruin my career my family my life and my future. Please God help me.

  73. I am so glad I found this blog. I have been addicted to porn for years now. When I started as a younger kid, I could never imagine the horrible impact this junk would have on my internal well being, my relationships with other people especially women, and my relationship with god. Getting an iPhone has been the biggest contributor to this habit and I have just beentryimg to quit for a few months now and I always tell myself I am done for good but always end up cracking and feeling horribly guilty. These commments have helped so much to show me I am not alone. We are all in this together and I will soon say a prayer for all of us. This is definatley an addiction- I quit smoking a while ago and while it was hard it is nowhere near as bad as this

  74. My friends, I rejoice that so many admit of their addictions and no matter their spiritual beliefs know that pornography is not only wrong it's destructive. This scourge has taken too many lives and affected too many families. I encourage all to search for that inner strength, the strength that comes from doing what's right, the strength that comes from a maker that blesses his children in their obedience. He loves you and wants you to succeed in this challenging but rewarding process.

  75. hey guys dont give up;though a man falls the getting up and trying again makes him a winner,so if youll take my hand and help me up we will try again and win

  76. As I read all of these posts knowing that you all are brave and moving forward I'm overcome by the fact that the only reason I am here is that I messed up again. I have been addicted to porn for 21 years. I am 26. That math isn't pretty. Porn has had such a tremendous negative impact on my life. I quit for nearly a year when I met my wife. The incredible love that I have for her was enough and God's grace was enough for her to love and forgive me. Then slowly I began to slip. I always knew when it would happen. I even knew today when I drove her to work that it would be a very dangerous morning alone in our house.

    It makes me so sad. Not because of it's destroying power in my life or because I'm so weak and pathetic that I can't control myself, but because I hurt her, I dishonor her and I love her more than I could ever express.

    I have no doubt that God delivered me in the past. He was responisble for her coming into my life and he was responsible for helping me quit for so long.

    I remember standing on a bridge looking down and attempting to summon the courage to push myself over the rail. That night feb 4, 2008, God rescued me. He turned my feet from the bridge and sent me walking down the sidewalk desperately trying to get my cigarette lit with tears rolling down my cheeks. God saved my life that night when there was no one else, including me, around to step in. Several months later, I completely quit and a year and a half later I married my wife.

    When I look back to that day on the bridge and to the thousands of lonely nights before with a computer, I am filled with terror. I'm filled with the terror that my life may be returning to that place. I may lose everything.

    That's where I am this morning. Knowing that I was given a second chance, I was given redemption from the incredible binds of pornography...and knowing that I may have thrown that away. It leaves me desperate for God to come again, like he did on a cold winter night in February, and turn my feet around to walk away from this, from this renewed destruction.

    It is possible. We can be free. If it is possible I pray that my father will rescue me again. That he would hold me again and undo my terrifying choices.

  77. Hey, stay strong!!! I've been trying to quit for the past 6 years (22 now) amd last2 yrs i've only folded a couple times a yr. I've recently succumbed again so it's back to square 1, but i won't give up and i hope u keep fighting! What usually motivates me is the hatred of that guilty feeling after...
    Best wishes comrade!

  78. almost two week not using any porn ,
    im on my own this christmas evening and feel tempted , but the truth will out .
    eventhrough internet can have no limits to the depths of porn it yields. it also has people expressing positive views about respecting women.
    self respect.each of us as individuals can win this fight.
    you are not alone,remember porn has money backing it.but even then the best aim at truth it can offer is explicate hatred.
    it is human nature to grow,to learn to love,honour and obey.
    very little if any finanicially backing is needed .as the message is true .it has won my heart and has strengthed my resolve.i believe in YOU . It can do the same for you .

    - Peace

  79. Guys, its been truly great. I have gone 2 weeks so far without any porn addictions. My previous post showed how it was day 1 without me viewing porn. I hope my success continues and helps you all also. Please gain inspiration from me and the others willing to quit. Its not easy but with faith comes success.

    Good luck to you all.

  80. I'm Fucked... Trying to quit Porn and Weed addiction.. Been addicted to porn since I'm 15.. Masturbation should I say... I'm 27 now.. N still masturbate at least once a day... I used to do that 3 times...
    My balls are sore.. I think I hurting myself... I had many girlfriend.. that did not stop me... Dnt know why I do that.. Dnt wanna do that do...
    But just after 3 days without sex or masturbation.. my mind goes Crazy.. Every women I see become a problem...
    Should I c a doctor... I know the answer...

  81. like everyone else here i have been inspired and really hope to stop this problem. I think watching porn is a weakness that we all share. whether its loneliness or a lack of confidence or whatever, it is a drug in my mind. i started watching it when i was maybe in 6th grade and i have continued to watch it. im almost 20 now. Ive told myself im quitting but never made an honest effort to quit.
    It really is a chain reaction that leads to it. I start out bored. Grab my laptop that conveniently is sitting right next to the couch. then i will go on facebook for no reason. I see a picture of one girl and im off.. I seriously plan to wait for my parents to go to bed so i can watch porn. i wouldnt be surprised if my dad watches it too though.
    Now looking back, i finally have realized it is a problem. In high school i remember playing bad in one baseball game, and my first thought when i got back on the bus was im going to go home and watch porn to make it all better. this shows porn is related in our minds to negative thoughts.
    and also it never does make me feel any better. i like the beautiful women but im never feeling better about myself after a session. and im sure like you all have said it has taken away from my social life as i have never had a serious girlfriend.
    its a little easier not to watch it when im away at college and my 3 roomates are always around and im so busy. but i still find time.
    but thank you to everyone on here. we can work together and finish this once and for all. im going to try to just quit cold turkey. if my aunt can quit smoking cold turkey after 32 years i can do this. but if i cant then i will have to ween myself off.


  82. I knew in the back of my mind how bad this porn thing was but now that i see how truly widespread this problem is i REALLY want to stop. It is a bad enough problem for me that i have sneaked and watched porn on low volume while people are sleeping in the same room. this fact proves it is an addiction. i just hate that i cant get my mind on anything else. i know it will be tough but i have to stop. we have to stop. imagine how much better this world would be if every man who watches porn spends that time doing something beneficial. I have to stop and i have to stop now. NOT NOW RIGHT NOW. I feel like if i can stop this habit it will be more proof to myself that i can do anything i put my mind to.

  83. I go to sleep at 6 in the morning and wake up at at least 4 every afternoon because i stay up watching porn. this has to end now.

  84. It is amazing to find others who I can honestly say understand how bad this addiction is. I have had other vices.. but they are nothing compared to porn. Its one of those things that is discrete most of the time, the damage is all in your head, and your heart. I have read that it is like a street drug, it stimulates the same part of your brain.
    I have been an addict for, oh my, 6 years, and i am only 21. Thats not so bad some would say, but if you do the math, say watching porn on average once a day, for 30 min's, thats 45 days 24/7, or 1000+ hrs... ouch!

    Many of us have sworn never to look at it again, then find ourselves back at square one. This repeated breaking of self promises is a most damaging aspect, and for me, it has bled into the rest of my life. I can't keep any promises to myself, school, personal growth, goals.

    Perhaps its God, the source or my conscience, but I am getting the feeling that i have to do something now, or be content with my lot. Its time to grow up. I think thats why i found this site, though I have looked before and found nothing. Thank you for all your inspirational stories.

    We can do this, we have to, for our dignity, our faith, and our futures. Good luck mates... Day one starts now.

  85. well im 3 days into my quitting cold turkey and so far its been a success. Im getting more and more confident. I just have to stay strong willed and I can do this. we all can. no one said its gonna be easy but it can be done for sure. if i put my mind to something it can be done.. and all of you should really think the same way. anything is possible.. even quitting porn lol. do work son.. and lets go to war with this addiction

  86. i quit!!God help me!guys,porn has literally messed up my life.i cant even look anyone straight in the eye because am sooo ashamed of myself..the last person i want to talk to is a woman bcos the first thing my eyes look at is her female friends all have withdrawn from me..i mean my life is in a mess!!porn will mess up your mind and totally screw up the way you think.there is thing hanging sense of guilt that follows you everywhere you go and never seems to leave no matter what you think of.the funny thing is that when i dedicate my time to God and church stuff,i often feel sooo free until the next time am depressed and run to porn!!guys am not all superstitious but this thing is deeply demonic.everytime i watch porn i get crazy nightmares men,i oversleep,i wake up soo tired and all the life is just sucked out of my bones..its crazy!!im crying like a baby as i type this cos i thot i was just alone in this.this blog has helped me realise that am not alone and winning the battle over porn addiction is very possible!

  87. Today it stops I can't go on this way, it is causing me lack of sleep and messing with my school, and my thoughts. I NEED to stop not only for God(which is important) but for myself It is messing up my life, but I believe we all can do this, it is possible and once we do, we will all be stronger because of it. I'm praying for you all please pray for me I started homeschooling this year on my computer and its a laptop...I get so distracted. Please I need everyones prayers, encouragement, and advice on quiting.

    God bless you all, and remember you can do this.

  88. Glad I stumbled upon this blog. Time to face the reality that pornography is basically my heroin. I always figured that I could stop looking at it if I wanted to. And always did keep away from it when around my family...

    But after 10 years of marriage, I have to admit that this is an addiction and it does have an effect: For instance, I am less motivated to plan dates, less excited about our lovelife, and am less able to shake the crappy feeling after looking at the damn porn sites. I don't think you can underestimate the toll shame and guilt can have on your psyche.

    Looking to replace all that time-wasted in front of the computer with some constructive endeavers like a night class at the local community college, and some martial arts (crav magra) on the weekend.

    Good luck to us all.

  89. im up to 9 days and still stayin strong. it can be done. the longer you go without it the easier it is. dont give up. quitting is possible

  90. I am 36, and I have been addicted to porn for 25 years now, though in the past year, I have been battling it with all my strength. I absolutely hate it, and have had numerous attempts to quit. Over time, I have realized that the only way to stop is to start "starving your eyes" - which may mean getting off the internet, cutting your cable (which I've done) and just walk around looking at the ground so you don't notice women on the street. It's extreme, but if you want to quit, that's the only way - over time, the desire diminishes, though you may slip from time to time - don't let that discourage you. I have determined to quit since I have a wonderful wife and two wonderful kids, and I don't want to turn out like my Dad, who is a porn addict for life, and I happened to stumble across his collection. Nowadays, porn is just as easy to access as ever, so we need to be vigilant. One of the best books I have read that have proven helpful is "The Porn Trap" by Larry and Wendy Maltz. For Christians, I'd also suggest "Every Man's Battle" by Steven Arterburn. I make no illusions - I am not "cured" by any means, but the first step is really to determine to stop.

  91. I have decided to quit and stop making excuses not to I have lost count of the times I have tried to quit but thanks to this site I belive that there is hope so hear it goes 30 days thanks everybody

  92. the count is up to 14 days. i feel better without it. girls look better in real life now. and im just happier with myself. i would advise anytime you guys get the urge just get on this site and re read what you have posted and what everyone else is saying. It helps

  93. I hate myself everytime i look at porn and i think it is down to bordem. The is also so much out there its difficult to avoid. Today was my last day at looking at porn, my count starts now.

  94. hey guys, i think dem comments are really helpful, it's time for me to quit for real. Good luck to all of us

  95. My brothers! We can win this fight! We need to stand together, keep eachother in our prayers. Just knowing that I am not alone has given me strength! Be strong, and do not be discouraged if you fail, keep pushing! Make it difficult for yourself to get into situations in which you are liable to fall. Seeing all the posts of people who have decided to quit gives me the courage i need to carry on! Thank you for your bravery! WE ARE MEN! WE ARE LIONS!we will stand and fight for our brothers as one! May God help us all!

  96. Hi Everyone. I'm not addicted myself, but I wanted to say that I think what you're doing is amazing. It must be so difficult - my heart goes out to you. I have a suggestion and a question.

    It must be really frustrating to be doing well and then be distracted by sexualised advertising somewhere unexpected. It might help the annoyance to note down the company and write to them telling them that until they lose the sexual imagery you won't be buying any of their products. You can ask politely but firmly for an apology for the distress and difficulty they've caused you. If you have a friend who is sympathetic, pass a copy of the letter to them with a paragraph across the top saying "I am this person's friend and I agree with everything they've said and I won't be buying from you either". Then all they have to do is sign and send. Futile? Maybe. But it's a bit of responsible citizenship, a good deed for the day and surprisingly cathartic :D.

    To explain myself: I'm a 23-year-old single woman and already I've seen relationships and people I know destroyed by porn. A childhood friend of mine recently left her unapologetically addicted boyfriend and it's left her a total wreck. I can't begin to imagine the state of his mind. I'm not religious, nor am I really interested in seeing porn production/use as a gender issue - that's just my personal preference.

    What I wanted to ask was this. Say you're a single straight man, you've been battling your porn use for some time, feel you're doing well and you'd like a relationship. You meet someone you like and somehow (conversation or anything else) you find out her attitudes to porn and porn addiction. What would be the most helpful/encouraging things to hear and what would be most offputting? Eg. I'm guessing the old defensive "Oh all men look at porn, that's just what they're like" with a cynical look would be quite discouraging?

    I know it might seem weird to ask, but this is close to my heart and I really want to understand better. And obviously, not having a partner myself at the moment, there's every chance this could come up for me in the future.

    I knew a 27-year-old man whose Dad had shown him porn when he was an adolescent, and he found people making jokes about porn/treating it as a joke very hurtful. I find it helps to treat pornography as something that one is abused by, because of the way it burns itself into your memory like a trauma. Even if you "chose" to look at it. It is amazingly toxic stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and best of luck to all of you out there.

  97. I am trying to quit porn, but I am still weak. I know that wanting to quit is the right thing to do, but I keep going back. :( I will say that after looking at porn for a while, coming to this site helps. Knowing that others go through the same thing is reassuring. I am single so I don't have the family / marital problems associated with the addiction. I would, however, like to be married to a woman-at some point in my life-that I both love and respect, and I think the instant gratification of porn is hindering this from happening. I know that I have the power to beat this, and eventually I will. Stay strong in the fight men; we are better than the addiction, and we can slay this dragon.

  98. Hey guys and gals...I just wanted to say this is my first public admission that I am a pornography addict. Its hard to say but I know its been true for so long and I hate it. I have looked at porn for over 10 years regularly and I'm tired of it. Im tired of the ownership it takes, I'm tired of the lying, I'm tired of it all. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and turn over a new leaf. If I have to post on here every day to keep myself honest, I will. I want to conquer this crap and put it behind me. Thanks.

  99. I have been addicted to porn since I was 10. My friend stole a Playboy and I just could not stop. 22 years go by & I am still always thinking about porn. I have tried to stop, but can't keep away for long...many excuses to myself in the long road. I have to stop this madness, I have a beautiful gf for 4 years & cannot even make her feel sexy enough to make love to her. Very depressing, I need to stop this! I looked at porn today, & now I will do my best to stop. Wish me luck.

  100. I am a pornography addict, but I'm going to try to stop it for the sake of my life. I've been clean for about 3 months now, so wish me luck for the future

  101. I've been trying to quit for about two years now. I can make streaks of anywhere from 5 to 21 days without looking at it, but it always creeps back on me. I'm trying to become stronger mentally to beat's horrible. When you sit down and think about it, porn seems really pointless. Sitting around masturbating in front of a computer screen?

  102. The night after a porn search went beyond climax and I just kept looking for specific kind of porn:

    I had a dream where my life was in danger; I was running around this huge complex running around, I saw a friend and tried to warn him about my life being in danger he didn't want to listen - so I rushed off, I saw my closest cousin and he was more concerned about eating so I rushed off, I saw my dad and tried to extract a weapon from his car yet he warned me not to, on my way to the car a woman came by and instantly lustfully embraced for a short moment, it passed, I found myself weeping in a small room with two misshapen men and they were implanting thoughts of a women I had loved, that I would never see again, into my head, My body was old my face worn and ugly. The big one grabbed my head and began pounding it into the ground face first. There was no fear of them in the room, no anger just sadness -- unending sadness, I had the feeling I deserved this. I had the feeling that this goes on forever.

    In my dream I ignored all my closest friends and family to seek protection for myself, yet I had forsaken even myself for this mystery woman in the end. I have a lustful and selfish heart made known to me. I was damned.

    I'm weak and a coward. I've dug my own grave and yet Jesus would still have mercy enough to teach me what I've really done.

    If you aren't religious by changing your behavior you are by definition repenting. Also by definition sin is something that hurts mankind and since it's harmful to man it's hurtful to God who loves his creation.

  103. Wow...I never knew that I wasn't the only one with this problem. After just reading some of the different posts I realize that there is still hope for me to turn away from porn. I find that the main reason for not turning away is because of the stability porn provides and the sense of familiarity that fuels me to continue. No more. I'm DONE with porn. I need to center my life around Christ and those who i love if I am to find a way past this addiction! Thanks for all the support guys. Hopefully when i get the urge I can re read some of these and get the strength I need to quit once and for all.

  104. hey all i was too a porn addict i got inspired by infocyde. infocyde i hav quit porn i hav won the war the battle thnk u infocyde thanking u a million times billion trillion quadrilion infinite times thnk u

    i quit porn

  105. Hey guys...

    Dropped in to say I've just found this support forum:

    Seems there's room for both religious and non-religious people on there.

    If you have a partner you may appreciate this thread:

    Good luck everyone.

  106. Hey guys... We all travel in the same ship... thinking to quit today, but forgetting the promise we maid to our own heart and repeating the same mistake.. its become a habit..

    i was away from it for 1 yr until my friend got a hard drive full of it.. i just couldn't control my instincts and fell into the trap, and struggling to get out of it... after returning from church i say to my self no more porn but the very next day i keep looking for it..

    today by looking at these inspirational comments ive decided that no matter what today will be last day.. and hope that i wont make the mistake of jumping into it in future...

    I pray that we all succeed in our battle for a bright future...

  107. well Ive succeeded for 4 days for now.. the instinct is getting harder to control.. but still hanging on.. whenever i start having a feeling to do it. i cm to this page and start reading all the testimonies.. while reading them the urge to watch it comes down..

    therefore thnx to all of u for ur testimonies and experiences..

  108. Hey guys,
    thank you for your inspiring stories.
    I have tried to quit porn since 2008, but the sad thing since then i never succeeded in living without it for at least one month. But what i believe is that if i can get to 70 days, at least, i would not look at porn again. This blog entry and all of its comments strengthened me since for this whole month.

    What i discovered myself is that sometimes i watch porn without even needing it but because it has been my habit. If can forget about that habit, i think i would be saved. Men, i hate my life, myself, i feel worthless BUT I believe i will not die being a porn addict.

    I renewed my promise today, i hope it would work. Thank you guys and we all can do it! God bless our efforts!

  109. i have left to watch porn just half hour before!, and i just dont wana see it again ever i in life! plz pray for me guys!... i have made a srtong promise to myself but scared of the next time when i am alone or feels to masturbate!....
    its too much....but by NOW! its enough and must be quit.................... help!

  110. im with u too man. may God forgive us all....

  111. i am very proud of all of you guys trying to quit porn.....i myself like watching it but not addicted to it like i have to do it all the time. but i am deciding to cut all association with porn........i will start going against porn companies men.......thats how much i hate this things now....have you seen how they treat women in the scenes like animal.....shit no more porn for me done deal...i like this community that are sharing their ideas because all of us know this desease of porn.....stay strong guys and stay away from this shit......hollakooonta

  112. hey there,

    i'm 33 and been battling porn since i was about 19, that's a hell of a long time. I've tried to quit many times. My wife doesn't know still, but it has affected our relationship. It's a terrible drug. Guys, quit while u can, don't screw up your marriage or your life, quit before it's too late. I'm going to. Today, I once again, step on the road, but this time with God.

    Thank you all for your comments.

  113. all you guys that think that 70 days or whatever it is is enough to be done dont be too sure. there is no exact amount of days. it is just a commitment that must be there to quitting. I got so fed up and depressed with it after watching it that i quit and vowed to be done. It lasted about 3 months and i honestly can say i was a happier person during that period. And then one random day, i dont know what happened, but i thought to myself "why do i want to even quit, who cares. theres all these amazingly hot girls right here for me and im not even watching them." and of course i dove right back into the drug stronger than before. Its gotten to the point now where i am all depressed again from watching it. it really is pathetic that we watch it. It has to end. I vowed to stop before and failed my promise. I havve to forgive myself and try again because this is ridiculous. Its embarrasing and pathetic and i hate myself for watching it. it has to end

  114. Life is goodーdont waste it just on porn addiction! go out there(real world) and look forward outside you. Show your self what you have.

  115. I just want to stop, I don't want to be addicted. I want to be able to endure this tough time (not related to porn) I am going through, not drug myself up with disgusting images and sounds. Forget about the drugs! Don't escape life, endure pain and suffering and you will be the happiest of people when your trial is finished. I used to do it only when I was horny, but now I just do it as a nightly ritual. I know this is gonna escalate into something far worse. I know I am bigger than this.

  116. Great website for this

  117. its been 10 days now and tonight was the hardest for me to stay true to my promise of quitting. it helped a lot coming on here and reading my old post and reminded myself of how i felt about it. because honestly at the moment of truth i was thinking "who cares if i watch it, it wont hurt to watch it once." somehow tho i pulled through and didnt watch. its difficult to do. i just need to find a way.

  118. out of every adiction ive ever had: weed, e-pills, alchohol, meth, shrooms, acid, cough medicine, an coke, porn just seems to linger and haunt me. Ive quit all of those drugs and hve no temptation towards it at all an yet porn has me by the neck. I constantly quit but after so many days i seem to give into it. I hate this. I need to start counting my days. My plan alawys seems to fail but this time i will start reading these blogs to get encourgment. Reading this shows me that im not alone. People actually want to rid themselves from this sick habbit.

  119. Perhaps not a perfect plan, but I think it will help right? If you are interested in doing this, or have questions, or suggestions let me know. Once I get an accountability partner of my own, I obviously won't need another accountability partner. But for the other guys who are interested and do e-mail me, I will Cc you/link you up with your own accountability partner via--I'm sure a lot of people will be interested. Set up a new/separate email address than your primary to protect your privacy.

    E-mail if your are interested:

    I'll try to check it at least weekly/monthly. This will be my way of serving my fellow brothers out there who struggle with this problem and are sick of it like I am. Let's come together and overcome this. As an added bonus, if your concern is that your partner will lose your master password, (which I think we are all on this blog, reading these comments b/c we are good men who want to put this porn thing behind us) you can e-mail me your master password as well at and I'll keep it in a designated mail folder. I'll require the same steps mentioned in the paragraph above before I'll give it to you though (ie 1) we operate on integrity 2) you will set me up on your e-mail notification system and 3) I will email it to you within a day or two or three at a time of my choosing).

    Last thing. Pray for one another, especially for your accountability partner. Prayer is powerful, and the most important part of overcoming pornography and healing from it. You can also e-mail your accountability partner to talk about your successes/failures, he can truly be your support. Freedom and purity is possible, let's work together men.

  120. ****Men, here is a possible solution to help you!****

    I just came up with this idea, and I think it's going to work. We all HATE porn, it's getting old and destroying our lives, and our purity. I've been struggling with it for about 12 years now and want to stop. Aren't you just sick of it? I am. Porn is ridiculous, and not even real, it's fantasy. I have a proposal for anyone interested, a three part solution:

    1) Be serious about quitting. Be prepared to kill this beast of lust. It's going to be painful to let go, but in the end: *William Wallace* "FREEEEEDOMMMMMMMMM!"

    2) NetNanny software--subscribe to it, download it, set it up -- easy to use, cheap (currently $40/year), and works GREAT. It's a highly acclaimed filtering software (PC, Scholastic Administrator, 5-year running internet filter Gold Award) Go to: to download it. They make it for the Mac and for Windows, and even have software for smart phones. Once you purchase a year subscription, set up the filter. Spend a few days tweaking it. Test it out to ensure you iron our all the loopholes--ie set it up to block all the categories & websites & keywords that you know will spark your temptations. You'll be able to tweak the filters until you are satisfied with its performance. FYI, setting up the NetNanny filter software is a very user friendly; if you are not computer savvy, don't let that deter you, it's simple.

    3) Accountability partner. Once you've got NetNanny working how you want it, you can e-mail me your master password, and I will e-mail you mine, so that we can lock each other's filter. You can only unlock sites or turn the filter off with this password. Once I e-mail you my password, I will throw my password away--only you will have it--don't lose it! Once you e-mail me your password, throw it away, only I will have it. Neither of us are going to lose it, period dot.

    Problem solved. Now, occasionally (rarely) the NetNanny software will block a website you need. Two suggestions. 1) deal with it--look at the site later on at a work computer, not a big deal. I've been using NetNanny for months now, and it can be a bit frustrating every once in a while when it blocks something legit, but hey, oh well, get over it, what's a little moment or two of frustration and slight loss in web surfing performance when the filtering software will help you overcome this porn problem. Overall, the filters work pretty darn well and efficiently--I've been using it for a year or so and overall been satisfied. 2) When you do need to unlock something, I can e-mail you your master password so you can unlock the site you need--once you unlock the site, DELETE the master password. The key is this: 1) we operate on integrity, I will trust you will actually delete the password after you are done with it. 2) Trust but verify right? We will set up the e-mail notification system so that I will be notified of any unauthorized sites you view. As your accountability partner, I will pay close attention to the sites you visit until you send me an email confirmation saying you have deleted it. 3) Lastly, when you do request it, I will e-mail you your password within a day or two or three at a time of my choosing - just so you are not asking me for the password in the heat of the moment only to unlock a bad site.

  121. just stay away from it for a while you will notice that after some time getting a boner doesn't automatically mean time to jerk it to porn, if you are religious or whatever, put a picture of a saint or an icon or some religious figure that inspires you, it will be pretty hard to jerk to some holy figure on your background,

    and when you get the urge go exercise, its summer now, go party meet some real girls or something :P when you stop your confidence will go through the roof

  122. Pretty solid strategy right? If you are interested in doing this, or have questions, or suggestions let me know. Once I get an accountability partner of my own, I obviously won't need another accountability partner. But for the other guys who e-mail me and are interested, I will Cc you/link you up with your own accountability partner--I'm sure this will generate a lot of interest. Set up a new/separate email address to protect your privacy and contact me if your are interested:

    I'll try to check this email account at least weekly/monthly. This will be my way of serving my fellow brothers out there who struggle with this problem and are sick of it like I am. Let's come together as real men to win this battle of purity.

    Note: If your concern is that your partner will lose your master password, (which I think we are all on this blog, reading these comments b/c we are good men who want to put this porn thing behind us) you can e-mail me your master password as well at and I'll keep it in a designated mail folder. I'll require the same steps mentioned in the paragraph above before I'll give it to you though (ie 1) we operate on integrity 2) you will set me up on your e-mail notification system and 3) I will email it to you within a day or two or three at a time of my choosing).

    Last thing. Pray for one another, especially for your accountability partner. Prayer is powerful, and the most important part of overcoming pornography and healing from it. Also, communicate/e-mail your accountability partner to talk about your successes/failures, he can truly be a source of support. Freedom and purity is possible, with the help of God's grace, and with the help of one another.

  123. You cant go against your own nature, so its totally stupid to stop masturbating. Its sexual desire. You cant fuel the lust if you simply keep the will inside yourself.

  124. After 18 years of addiction, I've finally seen the ugly, rotten, evil side of pornography. Should I continue to place porn before the Lord and worship it while expecting blessings. As it says, no one can serve two masters without eventually loving one over the other. God has spoken to me and I believe that this is my time...this time I will be free; free from these chains. Look at us men. We are controlled by those who know no good. By those who take children, daughters, and mothers and degrade them, subjugate them, and destroy them. For who's pleasure but ours. At who's expense but everyones. This day, when I awake, I am getting rid of all electronic devices, to include iPhone for a simpler phone with no data plan. The computer is gone. To beat the addiction, I see no other way!!! That is my part in this struggle and is where I'm meeting God. As for my soul and spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ will heal that. If you're serious about quitting, sacrifice a little now and gain much later. Don't you want to see women for who they are? I do. I'm tired of being ruled by porn. Join me men this day and seek the freedom we need. Remember, the kingdom of God is at hand! Be strong and stop saying I need to quit. You know what to do, so just do it. If you're weak, get rid of Internet access at home and use public computers.


  125. hi, i have always been adamant when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and smoking, but i never thought porn would be so much more dangerous. when i was about 9 i went to watch a movie on my parents computer, and a virus had corrupted part of the media player i was using, so instead of seeing the movie i wanted, i got my first exposure to porn. i never realized it, but i have masturbated since the time i was 4, and i didn't realize what i was doing of coarse, after my first exposure i would sneak a peak when ever i could, until i knew i had to quit, and with a prayer and fighting off one last image, i was safe, but i still masturbated, still being a little innocent as to what i was doing. then about 2 years ago this sudden urge to watch it appeared, and i guess it was natural, since i was just hitting puberty and was curious. so since then i have been off and on with watching porn. my religion (Mormon) forbids watching porn and masturbation, so there is one reason for me to quit, because i truly believe that these things are against God and it is even worst if you don't feel like you can tell anyone. if you are so ashamed of something that you cant tell the people closest in your life, there is a hint that something needs to change.i am 15 and seriously thinking of dating, and i have a girl i am head over heals in love with, and i do not want a relationship with her to be ruined by this addiction, i somehow no matter what i feel can think of her and the urges go away,(she is very pretty, and smart) i want this to be pure, and untainted by my misfortune and stupid choices. i told one the best friends i have yesterday, because she wouldn't stop pestering me about it, and i can no just shut up, so i guess i have a shoulder to cry on. on the other hand i feel guilty for putting this burden of knowledge on her. this addiction has changed how i see every woman around me, and i hate it. i too have random perverted thoughts, that often result in an erection that i think is extremely embarrassing. i need to quit, i have a problem and i need to quit. one way i have found to stay "clean" is i like to play video games like World of Warcraft, and i like to run, bike, swim, listen to music and work out. these are things i have found personally work for me. I am quitting, and i am even adding this page to my favorites, so when i get the urge, i can look at it and read about how it isn't just me, and how i have hope for quitting. 67 days, that is impressing, the best i have done is 21, i know that if i can monitor my thoughts, and not watch it, i can be free of it forever, and that is going to be a happy day.

  126. Keep going strong, man.

  127. Guys i've been having problems with this for 7 years. I just turned 27 in august and have not looked since. I HATE this stuff and will pray daily for you guys and myself for strenth to overcome... A good site for Christians is - lots of free resources there that can help. An exellent resource is from CS lewis ... there are 3 links within the above link called CS lewis on lust parts 1-3 ; be sure to read them - really helped and helps me still. it's been 26 days so far and i've not looked (still tempted but looking is not an option). God bless you all and please those who believe - KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS!

  128. Reading this blog has been awesome. I was feeling a little bit tempted to act out tonight, which, given that I am committed to being open, honest and present in my life would have been a mistake. That desire has sense left.

    I is inspiring to see so many of you taking on this are of life (sexuality) and choosing to stop making things worse by using more porn.

    I was inspired enough to create a special online presence for sharing the recovery process!

    I am grateful for having stumbled upon this blog, and will come back and check on you'all again.

    I just want to say that I am not religious and that I have no trouble with religions. I just want to express my experience that quitting to make another happy, whether another person or God, is not likely to be as successful as to make yourself happy. Also, moralizing and making it bad, wrong, shameful etc to me is not as powerful as making it an integrity issue, not right or wrong, just not workable given who I really actually am is open and loving and powerful!

    You guys are an inspiration, keep up the good work!

  129. I thank you guys for all of the encouraging messages I urge you to just start praying to the lord God almighty for strength and courage whenever you feel tempted to look it works. I will be praying and can you also please pray for me. Thank you for your support.

  130. Hmm. As someone who has struggled with porn and it's effect on love relationships and life, I had come to the conclusion that I couldn't quit, that I'd live with the habits and try to make them as low-impact on my life as possible.

    Because as far as I'm concerned, nothing is intrinsically right or wrong, it's a matter of what you feel for yourself. I won't say I was satisfied 100% with my actions, but overall I was okay with it.

    Until I formed my new love relationship ... a friend of years, and we love eachother. I have seen the effects porn can bring to love, including guilt, lying, jealousy, and a lot of unsavory experiences. I also know it can be incorporated into a relationship, but my experiences concerning made me want to quit.

    And, I did for a week straight, up until I realized I had desires again. But, after a few weeks of returning to my original habits, I realized, the more time I spend seeking images of other women I lust after, the more those images occupy my life and my head, and the less room there is for the girl I love (who right now, lives very far away ... 1500 miles).

    I have given porn up for 12 days now, and haven't looked back. Since then, I've actually had much more vivid dreams (of the non-sexual nature), including her, but basically I'm seeing how much of my mind was occupied and being used thinking about porn.

    I never thought I could quit, and it may sound premature to say this, but I know I'm not going back. It may also sound cliche, but until now, I never thought of asking God for help, but firmly believing in him and that he will help if asked, I just feel like I can do this now.


    If I have any advice for anyone considering quitting porn for good, it would be to thoroughly understand why you want to look at porn, why you don't want to look at porn, and why you want to quit. Don't confuse yourself, don't lie to yourself. Just be honest; the truth makes change a LOT easier.

    Be brave and face your fears. And, if you believe in God, ask for his help, and know you are not alone. Even if you don't think you can do it alone, KNOW you can, with his help.

  131. Well, this is comforting. I had never really considered the damage that pornography was doing to my life until today. My girlfriend woke me up on her way to work by confronting me with my browser history and basically telling me how unfair to her it is. She could not have been more right, but for some reason it was something that I somehow overlooked for all these years. I'll be 30 next year and having done the math, half of my life has been spent addicted to porn.

    The crazy part in all of this is how oblivious I was to the fact that this could be hurting anyone. I guess since viewing/using porn is a private activity, there's nobody around to tell you it's getting out of control until the damage is done. I am presently in a relationship with the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and something as stupid as porn could cost me that chance. After being confronted, I told her that if it was something that hurt her, I would stop immediately and I meant it. I have quit drugs before (ecstasy, coke, K, pharmos, etc.) and the hardest part there was the feeling that you were going to miss that one perfect high, I think that in spite of what I've read about porn addiction, this will be easy because that part of the quitting process won't be there. I hope I'm right, I have to be. I've gone for periods of time in the past without porn, so I know it's possible, I guess the hard part will he staying off. For my girl, it's worth it. Difficult does not mean impossible.

    Thanks so much to the original poster. I think you and those who commented below have summed up, very nicely what the need to stop feels like. Hopefully, in ourselves we can find the strength to move past this phase in our lives, in each-other we can see the reflections of our own struggles and know that it's not just our own problem, and in our loved ones, we can see forgiveness. I know we can. I know I will.

  132. i've quit smoking - drinking - no problems with those it seems - but i haven't been able to kick this one yet - but thank you - i am inspired by all the stories - and the courage - i am done with porn now

  133. Stay strong! You are not alone guys! I'm prayin for all of us.

  134. I was exposed to porn when I was 6, I thought it was just a regular thing everyone accepted growing up, I never realized how much impact it would have on my life. I got involved in drugs and drank alot, partied, I went to strip clubs and massage parlors and would sleep around with any girl just because thats what I was meant to do. just sex, it hurts looking back on my relationships solely being based on how much sex I was getting, my life was trained from porn. Even as a born again christian being delivered from so much, but this is the worst, the devil still has this snare on me, but I know god is with me, he loves me, im still breathing and I know his grace is upon me and is patient and merciful towards me, if he can take everything else out of my life that was wrecking
    Me,he will certainly deliver me from this, like david and goliath im not putting my slingshot down. Its hearting wrecking to keep failing, I hate the feeling of condemnation with myself telling me its okay, when I know its not, I gotta live with it the next day, im this discusting influence of a pervert that walks the earth, where is my dignity, god forgive me, redeem me. I pray for all of you saved or unsaved dont stop fighting, equip yourselves, I have filters on all my computers is a good filter, "Every man's battle" and "Every Young Man's battle" are great books, keep moving forward, even when you fall, keep going on, this is truly an addiction that is worse than anything out there, dont give up

  135. Quit masturbating so much and porn will no longer be such a problem.

  136. I'm in the battle of quitting too! I'll pray for all of you guys!

  137. I declare that I shall no longer use pornography in Jesus' name!

    I was first exposed to porn aroung the age of 10/11 and began to masturbate to it around 13. I have watched shows that have emphasised how natural masturbation is and how it's fine for men men to use pornography. I used those shows for justification to myself but I have known they are wrong for years now, just haven't been able to shake the urges.

    That's what it is now, an urge. Almost without conscious thought going to the computer, typing in an address and seeking out todays thrill. But it's not thrilling. Watching people abuse themselves, seeing women treated so badly. I wouldn't want my sister, partner or friends treated that way.

    Even to seeing women on the street who look similar to the women in porn and undressing them mentally, or having pornographic thoughts while out and about. This porn is insidious! I shouldn't be surprised though, anything you repeatedly spend several hours a week looking at is going to have it's influence.

    My addiction has damaged my relationship with my partner. I have told her how bad I feel about needing to masturbate and asked for her support but I don't think she understands quite how difficult this is for me.

    I read somewhere on the internet about how continually using porn and masturbating makes sex become about selfish satisfaction, and that's how it damages your sex life with your partner, as you're no longer seeking sex for love, and to pleasure your partner, but only to satisfy your own physical desire. It was such a true insight into my behaviour!

    The shame immediately afterward. Knowing I'll be back to the computer again at some point for more. Feeling like a slave to it. I'm fed up with it and so I'm done. Last year I quit smoking and it's like I never somked. Since then my willpower has grown and now I am going to kick this. I've been clean from porn now for four days. I've set up memos in my cell phone diary reminding me each day how long I've been clean for. I don't intend to have to delete any.

    I am reading Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by Dr Leman. It's helping me to rediscover my romantic side and treat my partner right. I have cheated on her with so many thousands of images. It is a christian guide to a full sex life and is written for men and women and has understanding of each other at its core. I recommend it to anyone with this addiction who is in a relationship.

    To those younger addicts on this blog I'm behind you one hundred per cent. Kick it now and avoid the pain and heartache so many of us have suffered for years. If you are having trouble with social relationships try reading Dale Carnegie, How to win friends and influence people. It's a cliche I know but there's a reason it's been a best seller for over 80 years!

    Finally a huge thank you to everyone who has posted here. You have been an inspiration to me this morning. I needed help to drown an urge and your testimonies provided just that! I have never spoken publicly about this but you have all given me the strength to. Thank you so much!

    Strength in numbers!

  138. Come on guys, we humans have the ability to learn and unlearn things.It is your decision if you want to.

    To all porn quitters:
    Good luck on the battle and

  139. It's just so...inspiring...that when you feel at your worst, that when you have gone down to the very bottom of where you are, that you can find people that have shared in what you are going through, and have been able to dig themselves out and better themselves. I have been addicted to this...monstrosity...since I was 12. It just happened. Curiosity led to one thing, and another, and before you know it, it all ends badly. I have been trying to quit for a long time, and have never gotten the motivation to do so. I would say...oh! it's new year's, and guess what I will do as my resolution! or it's my birthday, and i will do this as a gift to myself! It's just not that will be one of the hardest things you will do in your life, but when you look back after not doing it for a while, look back at what you've accomplished, it will be worth it. Now, this battle will never be will never be done with an addiction. But all it takes is one small step a day, and before long, look at all the steps you have taken!
    Porn is just soooo addicting because it feeds off of your natural instincts as a human being to reproduce, those natural hormones that we all produce. That is why it is so hard to quit! How can you quit something that is hard-wired into your system as much as that? It is possible. For many, the answer may lie in God, friends, and/or family. Others, maybe belief in yourself and self-help. Whatever works, well works! Do what you think is right! I will say this, though. Revealing it to someone may be the hardest thing you will ever do, but it can be one of the most powerful feelings you can have to quit. Just having someone there to talk about it with and to help and reassure you just makes you that much stronger when you are quitting!
    Let this be my testament to when I will finally say no! to porn and all of its evil tendrils it has on my life. Let me finally start climbing out of this deep, dark hole I have dug myself into, and let me see the light at the tunnel I have been trying to see for years.
    For everyone who is trying to quit...I wish you all the help and luck in the world! We are brothers, united by the common cause to get rid of the monster on our chests! We can get through this together!

  140. JustAnotherTugger4/02/2011 12:17 PM

    Just thought I'd add my bishop-bashing story here and say good luck to everyone, seems this thread's been going for 3 years or more, I hope there have been some success stories. I've been using porn for 16 years now and just like smoking, it keeps sneaking up on me. Needless to say porn IS bad regardless of what many people say - otherwise why would there be so many posts on here? Break free from instant self-gratification and learn to appreciate the opposite/same sex in a different way - AS REAL PEOPLE!! - and then, conversely, I am sure we will find that sex with our partners as part of a meaningful relationship will be a million times better than self gratification can ever be. Good luck everyone, I'm going to try and quite cold turkey now (once again!) hopefully I'll have more success this time. PEACE!

  141. Hey let us pray to god that the average joe can find a way to overcome his porn struggles without having to rely on counseling and programs that dig deep into his pocket i'm sick of shrinks and know it alls taking advantage of peoples addictions its almost as bad as the porn promoters themselves. Its all good for the people that can afford it maybe but its not right for them to dig so deep into peoples pockets. This is such a positive page i love it. i love the unity and the faith of the people in here and i don't want to be angry but let us pray that we can all be free without having to give an arm or a leg. our freedom from porn should help us with financial freedom as well and should contribute to are overall happiness. god bless you all

  142. I am happy to have found this site, quitting is so hard! Every time I try I can make it a couple of weeks, but somehow I always manage to go back to it. I'm trying to replace it with other activities, but it's just too easy to access now with laptops and's always a couple second away. I'm really going to try hard this time; I really hope it's the last.

  143. All

    I agree with the notion that porn just seems to "sneak up" on you. I have tried to quit several times, only to end up on youtube watching a video of attractive women (or looking up women on google images). From there, I become tempted to look at porn, and ultimately give in to the addiction.

    I never considered myself a porn addict - I am smart, funny, successful, social etc. but inside I feel terrible all the time. I never have actual sex (and frankly don't want to because I have abused pornography so much) and now cannot get aroused without watching extreme pornography. Recently, I almost had sex with a beautiful girl, but couldn't get an erection because I have been desensitized to porn. She since dumped me - I know she would have stayed if we had sex. Porn ruined my one chance at a steady relationship and had impeded my studies (I often leave the library early to get back and look at porn, or watch porn as I write papers). In the last year I have hacked into every major pornsite, gotten into weirder and weirder fetishes, and now require pornography that either degrades women or (worse) scenes in which the man feels ridicule and humiliation. The latter is unspeakably embarrassing, that something that screwed up actually turns me on. I never would have expected my life (which overall is very successful- academically, socially, etc.)to have become so screwed up by pornography. I am in jeaopardy of never having a steady girlfriend, of ruining my career, and being unable to have normal sex. I will follow the plan of some of you guys in gradually weaning myself of the extremely graphic porn and only watching normal porn. I am in so deep (several times a day watching extreme porn) that even this would mark a tremendous accomplishment. Hopefully in the next weeks I can then transition to only soft core porn (and then, only images) and reducing my masturbation to 5 times a week (again, a would-be milestone for me). I am grateful for all of your stories and support - I will pray that I can slowly recover from this terrible addiction, and that one day I will be able to get an erection and get excited over the women in my life (not the "actors" on the computer screen). I will continue to read the inspirational stories, and hope to post again and the end of the summer with some news of improvement. All of us - old, young, single, married etc. - can get through this, be strong, be smart, and stay the course.

  144. the ts seeder has mirrored my feelings exactly.
    the post about the adult swim tv is also appropriate to my situation.i have been 11 or 12 weeks without viewing porn. things i find helping are :
    listening to feminist blogs talks on youtube , in particular andrea ??? and gail dines. both feminists seem to understand that female equality can only come from not alienating men but instead asking them to look deeper into themselves.
    going out in the evening i.e to the cinema.
    meditation,prayer or spiritual practice.
    and using sexual frustration to create art or to motivate for house chores !
    good luck everyone , one day at a time we beat this !

  145. Hey Guys!

    I posted on here quite a long time ago. I have been struggling ever since and am now wanting to be done with this more than ever. Its been really hard for me lately though. I've hardly been able to go 24 hours without looking at porn. But I am sick and tired of being addicted. I know it doesn't seem like a huge thing but I have gone since Sunday without looking at it and I am feeling great! Over 3 days !!! But I need help. I need an accountability partner. I am religious and my religion is a big part of who I am, and a help to me in my conquering this addiction. If you're not then its okay and I would still appreciate your email, but it would help me a little more to be able to communicate with someone who views God as important in this process. We're all in the same boat trying to get out and swim for shore. If anybody would like to start emailing, my address is Thanks for reading and keep up the good work!!! It is worth the feeling of freedom!!!

  146. It is not so bad. You might be helping a woman or girl who really needed the money and truly had no other way out. Be more forgiving of yourself and it won't be so hard on you. It is the conflicting ideas of that it is good or that it is evil that keep us bound. Forget all that. It is a reality of earth for all people who are in it. They are not different than us. No good or evil. Just people. Learn it.

  147. Ok, Here it is. Another part of the answer to help you quit porn. Do you feel good about yourself? If you don't, that might be a reason why you're not hitting it off so well with the chicks like you used to. We here on earth, we live in what you might call a tribe, and there are rules and they call it the law. Some of us, whilst unawares, sometimes do stupid foolish things we regret while stoned, etc. Problem is, when we come to, we don't always know or remember what we did when we were high and what we might have done that messed with others or what we did wrong, but trust me, we probably did something and now that we are sober, we feel bad about it, but forget what it was. Each government on this planet, believe it or not is nothing more than a representative of that larger tribe or family saddled with the awesome responsibility of protecting those who can't protect themselves and...the group and how it interacts with the other groups, but, it is all for the good. So, it then makes sense that if you do something against the established ideas of the group, you probably did incur some type of damage to the group. We all have ways of getting these things they call bills or money, and in USA it always says good for all debts, public and "private" on them, well, so what I've done, because I went to a twelve step program while doing my eleventh step is to pay out some greenbacks to the tribe which I innocently offended trying to enjoy myself. I'll tell you that it helps and some won't believe how ehtical we all are, but fact is, it is the root of most of our problems and crime and that type of behavior because once the guilt starts, it "snowballs." You may have noticed that California is in a lousy debt situation and what is in California? Hollywood. What happens in Hollywood? You know what happens on casting couches right? So, there you have it try a little at first. Send it to the franchise tax board. The state doesn't only use money for prisons. It uses money to feed people and all kinds of stuff that is crucial, so if you want to get out of the prison you built for yourself unintetionally and didn't know any better, go ahead and try and put back what you messed up in bucks to the state. That way, it'll go where it needs to and everyone will be happy, even you someday. It might take a while, but if we all help, it might happen sooner. Don't pay back more than you can really part with. You need to eat. After a while, it will, itself become like an addiction, that is when you know you're onto something. Don't worry too much about the biological functions OK.

  148. Wish they'd just close those damn' sites...
    It's scamming people, making them lose their minds

  149. Thanks guys, finally I found people with the same problem as me...
    Be vigilant, comrades!

  150. Reading these comments definitely helps me cope with the loneliness I feel in combating this addiction. It's such a challenge to break this bad habit. We are wired to love women and appreciate their attributes. To quit, we need to improve our reflexes and have more self control, but it's easier said than done!! Our impulsiveness is what gets us in trouble. I can say that there are more reasons to not watch porn, then to do it. I have to control myself more. God gave us a spirit of power, love and of self discipline. I'm going to embrace this and quit, not try to quit, but really quit. This is bondage to forces of evil, and it's killing me inside. It's just not worth it. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins. Let your blood wash away all of our sins, and make us new.

  151. I am also trying to quit porn and this blog has been very encouraging to me, reassuring me that I am not worthless when I slip up and gives me strength to try harder to quit. I'm 22 and have been looking at porn since age 9 and I can definitely say it's warped my outlook towards women, etc and it absolutely disgusts me. I used to have a girlfriend which helped in my battle against porn but we just broke up for reasons unrelated to porn and i feel myself slipping back into my old routine and I can't go back--not again. God, give me strength in this battle.

    Thank you to everyone who's posted here. It really does help me. It really does.

    Thank you so much.

    Press on to victory--a life without reliance on porn!

  152. This Is a difficult evil to fight. I quit for at least 5 - 6 months (im 17 now) on my own an before that period of time started I had quit for a good stretch. Recently my life has gone downhill it feels and I've been very depressed and the evil came following probably due to the need for any gratification. I feel horrible about it as ever and it only worsens the depression. It may sound strange, but to kill the demon right now I am going to start a game on my pokemon ruby (with the significance of that being my first videogame and my playing it before any infliction of evil on myself) The game will have a special, self implemented rule: all my pokemon are to be named after my friends, and if I look at porn one of my pokemon has to be "killed" - released never to be seen again. Long story short if I look at porn, one of my friends dies in effigy, which is something I really don't want. I know it'll work. Find your own quirky methods to slay the demon!

  153. Im joining the fight bros! Today is day 1

  154. I also hope to stop looking up and have been trying for a very long time looking up porn has distracted and ruined relationships i could have enjoyed in my life this time it will be a number one commitment I will only go on the pc to do what I said I will do before going on from now on which will not be porn
    good luck everybody thanks

  155. I'm joining as well. I'm sick of this crap and have better things to do.

  156. I Am joining as well because I feel god really is ashamed of my actions

  157. I'm joining the quest to stop watching/masturbating to pornography because as a Christian i feel as it has hindered my relationship with God . I feel so ashamed and know that i am much better than that. Porn has left me hurt and feeling more depressed. It ruins lives and judgement of people. I wish it never existed at this point. I hope i quit at this point , so i can patch up the wounds i have opened up after watching porn. Much love and support to all .

  158. I have gotten better from refraining but still need prayers from all of you

  159. I have refrained for a little longer than I usually do because I got a date to homecoming but If I can't go out with her afterwards, I will be worse than ever so please pray for her dad to let me go out with her. Thanks and god bless

  160. Fall get back up and try again...1 month later fall...get back up and try again! Won't it ever just go away? I read of people going for six months and then falling again! Doesn't look good for me.

  161. small blog has generated hundreds of comments! I have been fighting this addiction for years, but I searched "quit porn" because that is what I need to do. I make a lot of money, have good self esteem, have a beautiful, in shape and very sexy wife, but that has never slowed me down. I am now finding that my sexual drive is diminishing, and that scared me. Apparently, porn causes actual damage to the brain by releasing chemicals. That scared me more. As a practical attempt to break this hold it has on me (before my wife finds out), I am going to get a calendar and write "1" on today's date. Tomorrow I will write "2". For those of you with similar personalities, perhaps this tangible marking will inspire us not to break the pattern. I don't know if it will work, but it is a start. Brain damage? Hopefully it's not too late to repair it and move on. Hey least we are trying!

  162. May God bless us all.

  163. I prayed really hard and God put a great girl (Becca) into my life on 9/9/2011 and I can happily say tht i have not even thought of going back in 2 months, so it can be done just pray to God and he can solve any problem
    With God I am everything and without him I am nothing
    God bless and thank you everybody for sharing cuz it has helped me so much

  164. I used to look at porn ever since I was 11 years old, but I stopped and haven't looked back for 2 years now. I'm 22 and I have come to realize that relationships should be based on love and connection, not on selfish pleasure. In our society, men aren't typically supposed to be emotional, this is a horrible fallacy, we all have emotions; they are not weaknesses but instead strengths for they are what connect us all for they are universal. So it's okay if you feel lonely, sad, overwhelmed, stressed, angry, and so on but it's not okay to look at porn to handle these emotions. I used to look at porn but now I don't because I have empathy for the women in the videos, I don't get turned on by porn because I think about how 1) it's fake, fake orgasms, fake smiles, fake enjoyment 2) it's degrading and sexually objectifying women and men 3) it's demoralizing 4) it intensifies urges and relapse (as do all drugs) 5) it can cause obsessive thinking and twisted perceptions

    How do you stop? Have empathy!! Have empathy and care greatly for these poor women who are mercilessly degraded just trying to make ends meet in the videos who are crying behind the scenes and have to numb themselves with drugs to not feel the extreme guilt and pain. They are torn, literally and figuratively, sometimes their insides comes out, their internal systems are severely messed up, 99% have herpes and other STD's, but they all need help as well. Do some research and you will find this to be true. Have empathy for your girl friend, wife, women in general, and people who are close to you. Stop to have more time with them, it's all about quality not quantity. We can help by not reinforcing this cruelty by not watching or engaging in it. So please have compassion and think about others not just yourself and what you want.

    If you have an urge, then acknowledge it, and reflect upon it, think about the urge, how does it feel? What are your thoughts like? Awareness is power, read up on mindfulness, meditation, these can all help. What you resist will persist, so embrace your urges, but not by looking at porn, when I say this I mean take ownership over them, and in time they won't be so scary or hard to deal with or to handle without looking at porn to 'make them go away.' An urge is simply an emotion, and in the end YOU CHOOSE THE ACTIONS YOU MAKE. Take responsibility and make the right choice.

    Many of you would GREATLY benefit from therapy. If you want help, then do it for yourself, or do it for God, do it because you know it's right and you have enough compassion for yourself to get yourself help. Counseling will help just like expressing yourself on this blog because it's a way to take ownership of your feelings as well as responsibility.

    You men in particular are aware of porn's negativity on yourselves, on your family, friends, on your perceptions of women, on the makers of porn, as well as on society as a whole. That's the first step, awareness. You guys can definitely stop, the best things in life are worth working for. Just like any other behavior that requires self-control, you have to realize that YOU DO NOT NEED PORN. Period. Keep repeating that to yourself, you do not need it!!! A simple truth.

    It's hard to stop an addiction, but it's harder to live with one.

  165. I just read 5 years worth of comments and inspiration, thank you all very much for sharing what most consider too personal to discuss.

    Porn has been an addiction of mine for about 10 years now, ever since the internet landed in homes across America. Admittedly though it started before that with the bra and panty models in the Sunday ads. Looking back now I have to accept the fact that I could not control my desires at that age because I didn't even know what they meant, or that what I was doing would eventually have consequences.

    Because the aggressive and insane sex acts are depicted in porn as normal, everyday activity, I have developed confidence issues in the bedroom, due to my belief that I cannot give it to them like the 'big-boys' do, or that every woman wants a huge c*** in her a** and that I am not good enough. Not to mention how even being in public with attractive women makes me want to quite simply f*** every single one of them...and that's the rub, thinking that porn will make me a better lover when in reality it kills any notion of intimacy and love, which is how sex should be (granted, perhaps just how I wish it was for me).

    Well I say enough is enough! It's time to get determined, confident and excited to once again try to live life without images of naked strangers popping in my head when looking at my girlfriend... I can only imagine how that makes her feel.

    To anyone else reading these comments, take them as truth and they will be. Good luck to us all, for in the end only we can decide our fate.

  166. I am the Robert a couple of comments up and I have gotten back into the addiction due to the fact that my girlfriend broke up with me on our 2 month anniversary. Honestly after having a gf for a little bit I see I need someone tht loves me like tht cuz my support staff (my brother and dad) both r unstable cuz my dad got a divorce and tht killed me and my brother is depressed and suicidal so I can't really talk to him and my ex is talking to my brother and my best friend so please everybody pray for me for patience and the willpower to stop resorting to porn. Thanks and god bless

  167. I'm quitting as well; it's been hard, but today I deleted my entire 5GB worth of images after slipping up again, it was HARD. I'm sure you can all imagine, feeling how hard it was finding those images; and letting them go, knowing I will never get to see them again. You know it's a problem when you are so attached to image data, just a bunch of pixels displayed on a screen - it's virtual -- it isn't real.

    The fucked up part is I have a very beautiful and sexy wife! I mean, WTF is wrong with me? I used to routinely drive home in the middle of the day and take a long lunch break from work to wack off to porn while my wife wasn't home.

    I know this is a problem, and I need to fix it now. I also installed an internet filter on my PC and will give my wife the password or something. Right now I feel OK about this because I just "released" about an hour ago -- but enough is enough, this is so hard to do but I must -- having random images of naked strangers in my head all the time is wrong, I feel quit pathetic.

    Porn robs us of our self confidence, makes us stare at women on the street (I really think porn makes this MUCH WORSE), makes us less sociable..

    If anyone else wants to chat about this my email is, I have a problem but I'm going to get through this.

  168. i've been stuck for about 6 years. relapse after relapse i tell myself I'm going to quit and finally this summer after trying to quit for a year i went a month without it, and it was the greatest month of my life. i could feel that my relationship with my girlfriend was finally clicking the way it should, I felt so close to God, and I thought that maybe there was still some hope for me. but the relapse i am in has lasted for 6 months and the urges came back ten times stronger. this battle that we're up against is relentless. i pray ever night for strength and somehow everyday i fail. i've told myself that i will not propose to my girlfriend of 2 years until i am sober and yet everyday as i stumbling i tell myself that i'm still young and that i don't need to worry about marriage, but that's what it does to you, it makes you lie, to yourself, to others. I've never hated anything before but I hate this sin. i hate porn. and it breaks my heart being on here and seeing how much this crap hurts the men in this country. we've got to fight men. we have to fight. we deserve better, and the people we love in our lives deserve better. LET'S BEAT THIS!!!

  169. I just want to say I love u all for opening ur hearts and sharing ur experiences , I'm reading what u all wrote and it's very useful ! , porn has made a lot of errors in my sexual life and I'm trying to get normal again with all I have of power and strength and will , love u all

  170. Hey Guys,
    I'm only a 13 year old boy, and I feel horrible after a maturbate and watch porn. After I finish, I promise my self I will NEVER EVER do it again, but when I'm on the computer on youtube or something, I always end up at some nude girl picture, I get turned on, and BOOM! It begins again. And I'm only 13! I hope you guys can help me, I need support too!

  171. I messsed up my GPA in college, lost a million dollar business and almost lost ny marriage. I kicked it for months, even years at a time but the old demon alaways came back. Porn is a monster it is not easily contained. Today my life is great again am about to graduate from nursing school and it is a hell of a fight staying clean. I will kick it.. it will not take me to hell

  172. I'm trying to kick this 10 year habit I have with porn. It's probably the most difficult habit to Iv'e ever had to deal with. The evil associated with porn has dragged me down without knowing it, I was very unaware and thought it was 'normal' because my friends used to do it sometime. But me, all the time. I'm not outgoing by nature, but porn makes me unsociable to were I don't talk to women as I should and use my time and potential also. It cuts off, or deteriorates energy that I could put in something else. I'm trying to just quit forever and be with god.

  173. what shall i do., i keep quitting and falling back to it..

  174. Long story short, im a pastors kid, and we're all screwed up.... when i was 12 my cousin showed me a few magazines and my first thought was "that's disgusting!" but then i started looking on our home computer (my dad's a techy so he finds out alot)
    Its been a process, and i still struggle, tonight even i looked at it, but then like all of you i decided that enough was enough and this is ruining my life
    I dont know if any of you have my problem, im not a virgin and im 17, which means that you want it even more... every girl that likes me is drop dead gorgeous, and i cant help myself with this crap.
    A drug, isnt a fair way to put it, its far more than that, there is no drug as addicting as this... and all of you know that..
    Its good to finally tell someone this even if it is anonymous, so my brothers, stay strong... and another will be there.. you are never alone.

  175. I'm on day 18 without any porn. I have made love to my wife four times in the last two weeks with no drug for ED, and was able to maintain an erection and "finish" each time. Last of four times (last night) she was not well with severe cramps, so we finished eachother off "manually". In recent years we were down to having sex about 8-10 times per YEAR which is virtually a sexless marriage. We've made love FOUR TIMES in TWO WEEKS. I have not masturbated by myself since my decision to quit porn and only reach orgasm with my wife as a participant, whether in the act of sex, or masturbating eachother. I really don't want to look at porn anymore - it was preventing me from desiring my wife, and gal who gets checked out all the time. I saw her as objectively beautiful yet I did not desire her. My "performance" was dismal, and even with ED drugs I could not climax and if I did I required sex which was quite rigorous and the wife did NOT find it sensual or appealing at all. Now she claims I am less rigorous and more sensual. I am more relaxed and spend more time on foreplay. Strangely, (ha) she is suddenly interested in sex with me again. I had convinced myself that SHE was the one with the problem and that I was merely "filling in the gap" with my porn use and masturbation. Dead wrong. It was ME who was causing the wedge between me and my wife intimacy wise.

    If you are trying to quit I really hope you keep at it. If you are trying to quit to save your marriage or relationship or just learn how to love a "real woman" again, I think you might be surprised how quickly you can "re-learn" to appreciate the lure of a real flesh-and-blood sex partner and forget about the emaciated teenie boppers trying to get fame and fortune through what amounts to extreme if not despicable sex acts.

    I am also exercizing now, which seems to help as well. Good luck to each and every one of you.

  176. First, I want to thank everyone for their stories. I have been addicted to porn for 13 years. As a recovering alcoholic I understand recovery...been sober for 5 years. But, porn is the last of my addictions and it's an awful battle. I can say that it is definitely progressive and fatal. Full blown porn addiction can lead to loss of love and life. When your porn leaks out into risky sexual behaviors, you realize the gravity of this disease. I have had recent health scares, I have hurt my wife, and it greatly hinders my walk with Christ. I can go 30-90 days then it again. I do know this kind of thing helps...talking about it. Find some like minded guys to chat with about our mutual problem. Also, I just went on and read some Tragic behind the scenes stories of porn stars. Anyways, let's hold each other up in prayer...and crush this demon of porn.

  177. I not only pray for myself, but for all of us. I hope you are all doing well since 2009. This is gonna be a tough road for me. God knows I am done with porn. I was 10 when it started and now, the sense of guilt i get is just to much. I look at the girl I love and feel terrible, because I know while my addiction continues, I am not worthy enough for her. I stop today.

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  184. I suggest prayer.. Also fasting and staying away from sweets. Sometimes overindulging in other areas can have a wake effect. Pray for those in the porn industry - You should love them, as opposed to lusting them. It's a difficult battle ... Never give up ... Gods mercy is greater than the greatest sinner ... You just need to seek forgiveness everytime. People of this age have a more difficult journey being exposed to this type of material and I think God knows this. He loves you ... Just never give up

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