Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 97

This has to be a quick post because I have to go to work but I just wanted to thank everyone for the comments.

I feel great about being so close to 100 days and even better that its inspiring others to better themselves. It's funny how good can inspire good.

The fact that people are following this blog and taking an interest in whether or not I make it these last 3 days is adding to the reasons why I can't cave in and that's great.

I have to say that going this long without pornography has pushed me to put effort into the areas of my life that were floundering and I haven't completely succeeded but I do feel I've made progress.

I don't know if thats why... or if its some other reason... but I feel like this is getting easier.

I can't say for sure that I won't face some strong urges again but for right now it seems like after going 3 months without pornography that the urges come down significantly.

Okay I've really got to go. Thanks again.

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