Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 98

Wow 2 days to go, this feels like Christmas. It's actually pretty funny that day 100 ended up being on Thanksgiving.

I'm continuing to get fleeting desire for pornography. One issue I'm concerned about is what I'm going to do after day 100.

I feel the need to keep posting or I know I'll lose some of my desire to stay clean.

I may have to set a new goal or just check in once every week or so.

I guess I hoped that going 100 days meant that I was done and that pornography would no longer exist but thats not the case.

The gruesome reality is that I may have to just keep posting for the rest of my life... even if I never look at pornography again...

I mean I would do that if I had to but I guess I'm hoping that I can become a better person and no longer have any desire for pornography or a strong enough aversion that I never go near it again.


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