Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 90

Wow a nice solid number.... Day 90...

I've had very small urges in the last 2 days. My desire for pornography is small and fleeting.

Wow I haven't realized it until now but I've had a lot more time on my hands since quitting. Sometimes I used to look at pornography for like 2-3 hours in a single day. Having that time freed up is great.

Whats better is that I have a lot more desire for real women. When I see a beautiful woman on the street, she's beautiful, sexy, interesting... before when I looked at pornography, I didn't care so much. It was like, yeah she's cute but so what.

I've actually asked girls out a lot more during this attempt to quit pornography than I ever have before.

I feel like I have some kind of issue with connecting on a deep level with women because I'm having trouble getting myself to take the time to build a relationship with a lot of these women I'm meeting.

This is something to begin exploring.

I feel good. I feel like a big step in my development as a man has been made.

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