Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 70

Hurray for day 70!

I've had huge urges for pornography.

I read some graphic, adult forums yesterday. In my weak moments I'm looking for anything resembling pornography.

If I look at pornographic text again, I'll give away $20.

The only way I managed to allow myself to look at those forums was by convincing myself that it didn't count as pornography because there was no images or videos.

So I'm simply going to make the rule: No pornographic pictures, videos, or text.

And to make things clear... no text is allowed that has sexual words in it or which turns me on... If I do look at text with sexual words or that turns me on I give up $20...

I've got one month til I reach 100... I feel very challenged.

Tonight I'm eating pizza and ice cream and watching a movie with a friend to celebrate 70 days without pornography.

As I move towards 100 days, the urges seem to just keep piling on. This is mostly uncharted territory so all I can do is hope that my urges calm down after awhile.

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