Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 8

It's day 8... I'm feeling pretty good.

I went on a date last night with that girl I talked about. She is so wicked hot, it's ridiculous. So we walked around and talked. She's ambitious, she's not into drugs/alcohol, she's not a crazy party girl or a club girl, she's pretty open and honest and funny.... these are all things I like about her on top of the fact that shes ridiculously hot and flexible (she's a dancer)... wow

Things I don't like about her: she's judgmental (she even said it herself) and she seems a little up tight sometimes.

I felt nervous as hell before the date. Normally I wouldn't put myself through this but the meditation I've been doing around my desires really pushed me to just go with it.

We made out which was way fun but the night ended kinda weird because she said she wasn't sure when we could see each other again cause she had a friend coming into town or something like that. It sounded like she wasn't sure about seeing me again but we kissed at the end of the night so I might just be full of it.

If we do start dating, I'm hoping that when we connect on a deeper level, we'll move past some of her up-tight/judgmental type behavior... but it does seem to be a strong part of her personality.

See this is so great though... I'm learning what I like in women by pushing myself to just go out there and date regardless of whether or not it works out.... This is so important. And I'm not saying I'm immune to being hurt by rejection or to rejecting others but its worth it to find someone you really connect with.

No urges for porn. Today is Wednesday so I'll be going without masturbation for 5 days starting now.

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