Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 6

Going strong on day 6.

I met a girl at the cafe I work at. I got her number and we're having dinner after I get off work tomorrow.

I tell you... It's amazing how this meditation stuff works. It's like anything you want in the universe is right there... ready for you and you just have to convince yourself that you want it bad enough to take it.

I met this girl while sweeping up the front of the store. I felt nervous to hell to start talking to her but this inner drive compelled me to talk to her and try to connect with her and I did... If I hadn't done the meditation stuff, I would have just gone along with my fear and ran from the situation.

Instead I have a date with a gorgeous girl and I can boast about it to all my co-workers. haha

Naw, I'm really happy about this. The thing is, I've noticed that its very temporary. I can spend half an hour or an hour doing some serious hardcore meditation and affirmations and get results the next day but then I usually revert back into old behaviors the day after that.

Maybe if I do this strong meditation over the course of 6 months or something, it'll snowball into something that lasts a little longer than a day.

I'm feeling good on day 6.

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