Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 4

I wrote emails to some friends about how I'm attempting to go 100 days without porn.

I'm also going 5 days a week without masturbation.

You know.... I can do this... I can definitely do this.

I feel like the biggest thing is that I need a reason... and that reason to quit porn is to realign my sexual desire towards women... The fact that I've been meditating and releasing my desire to pursue women is a very powerful thing. It makes it feel like I'm progressing and accomplishing something more than just quitting a bad habit.

I'm motivating myself to move towards something that creates more joy in my life than anything else... Real connections with women.

I've also been meditating and releasing my desire to connect with all people and I've noticed that I've accepted offers to hang out with guys from work recently so I've been more social than usual.

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