Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 2

Well I'm starting my 11th attempt.

I'm going to try to find someone to motivate me... I might know a few guys who would be willing to cheer me on.

I think having more support would help.


  1. Really Trying7/19/2008 11:54 PM

    Hi there !
    I came across your blog during my search for trials like yours .. I like the idea very much and think it's encouraging .. I too have decided to quit Internet Porn and masturbation altogether .. I know it might seem hard .. I tried before many times but none of those were really serious .. But i got physically , mentally and emotionally tired of the whole wasting my time, health and energy over something that has become less pleasurable for me .. I don't enjoy it any more however i keep doing it like a serious addict .. This is also my second day .. so your 11th attempt coincide with my truthful 1st attempt .. I'll keep checking your trial and update you with mine and definitely give you whatever support you need .. Good Luck !!

  2. Hey man that's really cool... Whats your name? I'm Collin.

  3. I just thought I'd say I've been trying to quit pornography for a long time too. It's only recently I've begun taking it seriously though. My most recent attempt had me going without pornography/masturbation for around 4 months, which is the longest I've gone ever. However I had to exert a lot of self control and eventually it got too much. I was hoping with time this pattern of behaviour would dissapear. However it seems it's something I will keep on having to fight. What really got me into the idea of quitting was looking at how addiction affects your body. I've tried some very simple meditation to try aid me in the process of quitting in the past. I was just wondering what your reasons are for quitting and how you go about quitting i.e. do you use meditation etc? Hope your most current attempt is going well. Keep it up! I'm going to try again myself...


  4. Ok, I see I left a comment on your earlier postings, like attempt two or something. Sorry I didn't see the newer date stamps on the right hand column.

    Well, I am going to come back here to support you, and As of today I am making my house a porn free zone. i will wear a small black rubber band on my left arm by my watch to remind my of my pledge, and to inspire me to stick it out indefinitely.

    I need such a physical reminder to to remind me that there are many of us out there, and we are not alone in the struggle to stay porn free...

    Good luck to you all and i will post a link to a discussion board i will open on a joomla site as soon as it is active.

    George G


    check it out and join the forum if you wish...

    good luck

    george g

  6. Hi, Collins.
    I 've read some your posts and really appreciate your exertion. Quiting masturbation is extremely hard, especially with a normal guy like me( who eats meat, look at hot girls with mini-skirt on the streets all day ). I 've done this ( quiting a period time thanks to my will power ) in the past, but when it ended up, I myselft asked, why did I do these ? Everyone ( most of website,most of people ) said that "Masturbation no harm, even it's good?? and to avoid prostate cancer " ? " and Masturbation bring "enjoyment" and relieving stress. But If It's that GOOD, WHY MUST I QUIT THIS HABIT?(that I wondered )

    I believe I can quit masturbation because it's under my control. I can use my will power to refrain from urges and everything related to sex. BUT WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF QUITING MASTURBATION? I searched a bunch of hours on Google, but has no good results. A guys named "Andrew112" claimed that he quiting masturbation in 2.5 years (in a row ) but he doesn't feel anything difference. The only benefit Andrew realized is that he needed less for sleep than before. But after quiting masturbation 2.5 years, he still wonders ( about benefit of quiting masturbation ) and asked other in that forum about it ( like "Can you getting any benefits from stopping masturbation ? ").

    I feel that "Masturbation is not that good" and wonder if my favourite idols( successful man ) still masturbate or quitting . I've never know, we may be never know. Masturbation, should or shouldn't ? If we can't find any real benefits from quitting or abstaining from masturbation, it's impossible to quit it, because it's very joyful sense when orgasming ( like drugs and alcohol , cigarettes,etc.. )


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