Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 3

I went out to approach girls... but I couldn't get up the nerve so I settled for asking hot girls what time it was just to practice approaching.

One problem was that I lacked sexual desire because I've been wacking off too much. I'm gonna cut it down to just 2 days a week. Monday and Tuesday... that way by the time the weekend comes, I'm crazy with desire. I've noticed that after 5 days of not masturbating, I just lose my cool and become a frustrated, angry, emotional mess so I won't go beyond 5 days for now.

Oh yeah I've also started a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, beans, and wheats... I'm cutting out meat from my diet and hopefully sugar and dairy for the most part (aside from milk for healthy cereal). At least I'll stick to this diet at home by only having this stuff available to eat... It may take me awhile to get used to eating healthy when I go out to eat.


  1. Hey Collin .. My name is Sherif ..
    The healthy diet thing is really good .. i haven't tried it myself for long but i can tell you it feels great .. I'm a Carnivore i don't think i can give up meat .. good luck with that.
    Me too get angry and frustrated when i don't masturbate .. the longest i've gone abstinent was 9 days and when i broke down i did it daily for 5 consecutive days .. This time i WON'T masturbate , i'm putting my money on the natural way of release . Yeah i know it sounds ridiculous and Juvenile saying wet dream .. but lets face it that's how our bodies were designed to do in case of abstinence ..

    Good Luck

  2. I went 3 weeks without orgasm once and I didn't have a wet dream. For some reason when I did start again, my orgasm was weak for like 2 weeks and my ... ejaculate was barely anything and very thick.

    It kind of scared me. I don't know if that always happens or if it was just cause I was dehydrated or what but I'm not willing to go without masturbation partly because of that experiment and because I lose all desire to do anything but have sex when I go more than 7 days and all the little chores go undone... cause I just don't give a fuck about laundry and cleaning at that point.

    But I encourage you to try it for yourself. You might want to look into neurolinguistic programming to give yourself a boost.