Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 12

DAY 12...

Man the days fly by at first. Feels like it was yesterday that I killed that 67 day streak.

So far I've been sticking to the... only masturbate Mon/Tues and then go 5 days without...

This last weekend was crazy difficult but now things are mellowing out and I have some time off work coming up.

Thursday, I'd like to go out and do my exercise of experiencing sexual desire towards attractive women. I really want to explore the negative feelings I have when I feel attraction towards women. This is essential in understanding why I choose to look at pornography in place of having sex with women. Hopefully then I can build a habit of being okay with feeling desire towards women and then learning how to express it in a way that works for everyone.

DAY 12 feels good...


  1. Hi, just read through all your posts and I wanted to say that I admire you for trying to quit internet pornography.

    Have you tried breaking down the quitting into a program?

    Reading through your posts, I've noticed that you pretty much go cold turkey on porn, then get drawn back to it because you have completely cut it out of your life.

    Why don't you try looking at porn twice a week for a week, then just once a week for a fortnight, then once a fornight for a month and so on.

    This might help you to actually quit it period, if you treat like a drug addiction.

    Good Luck!

  2. I definitely recommend doing that. I wish I had done that at first. Now that I'm this far into this... I don't think I need it but if I continue to slip up... I'll definitely try it.

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