Saturday, August 02, 2008

Day 16

It's day 4 without masturbation... I've had MAJOR urges to look at porn.

Going without masturbation is definitely the cause of my prior attempts coming to an end.

It's like going without masturbation allows sexual energy to slowly build and by only allowing 2 days a week to release it, it's slowly getting higher and higher, week by week. Last week, I didn't feel this strong of urges to look at porn.

The upside is that I definitely have the desire to go after women. I had a text conversation with that girl I was heavily flirting with and it got pretty sexual... it seems like we could hook up soon but I haven't heard back recently.. I dunno but it doesn't matter.

I'm also going to hang out with some other guys I met this weekend to go approach girls... It'll really help overcome my fear of meeting women.

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