Sunday, June 08, 2008

Day 29 (71 days to go)

This is cool. When the days start stacking up from the time I quit I feel excited about reaching my goal of going 100 days.

I've gone 29 days without pornography. That's really great.

I met a hot older women the other day. I did my best to flirt with her because any time I wasn't at my best she lost some interest. Older women are a challenge sometimes. I asked for her number and she said that she'd take mine.

So she ended up calling twice that night (the first time she left a message but didn't leave a number).

I told her I'm too busy to meet until Friday and she seemed disappointed. Looking back on it I wondered at first if I just made that up to seem hard to get but it's actually true. I work so much and my only other day off (monday) I'm seeing my ex-gf.

Maybe I'll set something up after work with her but it can't be for too long cause I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning.

My urges for pornography are probably a 2/5 right now. I don't think anything other than a lot of drama (like a girlfriend breaking up with me or losing my job) would propel me any higher than a 2/5. But then again who knows, I've found that in my last attempts often times I wouldn't feel any urges at all for weeks and then one day they would skyrocket.

So I'm gonna keep on my toes.

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