Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 31 (69 days to go)

Okay one MONTH without porn! That is awesome. I can tell that I'm doing well...

I've only begun to feel the effects of not looking at porn but nonetheless I do notice some change.

I'm checking out chicks more often.

I definitely feel the desire to approach girls and I am when I'm in the mood for it.

I'm putting effort into being more social. Tonight I'm gonna call a girl I met last week to set something up for friday.

I'm proud of myself.

There is one thing I haven't talked about on the blog recently. I've looked at sex forums in the last 31 days. Forums that talk about sex but don't have any images or videos aside from non-nude avatars. Some of the avatars had sexy images though like cleavage or what have you. I don't see this as looking at porn in the same sense as looking at videos and images but I do want to stop this behavior as well.

I'm still pretty lonely, I haven't put my life together socially the way I want it yet. By sometimes looking at sex forums I'm able to calm some of this loneliness that usually shows up at night. I would say its helping me avoid pornography images and videos so you could call it a step down from that stuff and one step away from being completely porn free.

After 100 days without pornography images/videos, I'll make it a rule to call the streak off if I look at sex forums as well. Until then, I'm going to allow myself to look when I have to in order to avoid having a full blown retreat back into pornography when I'm hit with some strong negative feelings.

It's like I'm scaling back on the self-medication instead of going cold turkey.

I've done a great job going 31 days though and I'm happy that I'm doing this. I feel like I'm doing the right thing.

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