Thursday, January 11, 2007

Day 67


I knew it. I knew I'd make it past my old record. I can't say it was easy or that its going to be easy but YEAH.

I also went out today and walked up to random chicks and said:

Hey I'm 'my name',
I think you're cute,
can i get your phone number?

I got 5 rejections that way and it felt so damn good. Then something hilarious happened.... this cute redhead said yes... it blew me away, every other girl said anything they could to get away but this chick just stood there, told her friend on her cell-phone that she'll call her back, and said yes... LOL

I got her number and told her we should get some coffee. it was great....

i walked up to my brother and i just laughed and we slapped eachother on the back so loud everyone was staring... as we walked down the mall like kings... swearing and laughing about my first success in getting a number from a strange girl in a public place...

It takes a lot of nerve to make the first approach, and it comes back now and again but once you do it, you feel sooooo liberated....

its like "this is why I exist... to approach women, get rejected a lot and then finally get a few numbers" . honestly, i spent all of today preparing for and doing this. I knew that i had to just focus all my energy on breaking through my mental blocks.

There's a long road ahead but tonight I'm the KING.

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