Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 46

I've been busy... I feel mostly better except for a bit of a cough.

I'm not masturbating again. It's been about 2-3 days. It seems like if I try hard enough I can just go without masturbating... the only thing that made me do it after going 2 weeks straight was getting sick. I'm not a nazi about this... at some point I'll have to release but I'd prefer to save my sexual energy for women.

What does that have to do with quitting porn? Well, my urges to look go up when i don't masturbate but at this point, there's just no way in hell I'm willing to kill a 46 day streak just to look at porn and feel disapointed in myself for giving in to whats easy instead of finding ways to get what i really want (women)... in other words, screw porn.

I was going to go out to a club the other night but something came up so I'm going tonight... I'm about to head into the city now.

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