Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 25

I've been looking at sex forums on and off for the last week or 2. I want to completely stop doing that starting today. I have a whole new month ahead of me and nows as good a time as ever to stop using the internet as a sex toy completely.

So part of my blog is going to be about having strategies for not looking at sex forums. The best strategy is to not even have it as an option. From this point forward, using the computer to look at sex related stuff is concidered porn. If I break this committment then I will restart my beloved count down to going 1 year without porn. So far I hit 67, now I'm at 25. I would be at 92 right now if I didn't break down earlier but it happened and i learned from it. I know I don't want to reset it again... it represents my integrity.

I got blown off by a girl in one of my classes after asking her to a movie. She seemed to want to but something was holding her back. What happens, happens. My priority isn't analyzing and perfecting my approach... it's getting off my ass and making at least 10 cold approaches this week [10 conversations with girls(strangers) im attracted to].

2 things help after getting rejected.
1. I live in a world of abundance, there's millions of girls out there.
2. Asking her out was a brave thing to do - something nobody else in that class did that i know of. In a way that means i did something rather impressive. at least im impressed.

I got pasta waiting.

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  1. Persistance is a true virtue, until it becomes inflexible (call it the George W. Bush "Stay the Course" protocol.) Pulling yourself up from failure is one of the top most important strategies in any goal a human can have. Failure will happen. Deal with it.

    But if you're getting rejected and rejected (if you're "Staying the Course" and soldiers are dying for an unwinnable situation) flexibility, and perhaps humility, becomes the important strategem. If girls are rejecting you, either you're talking to the wrong girls, or those girls feel they have a good reason for rejecting you. Women are cunning in social affairs. They don't reject us as randomly as we ask them out.

    As I said in my last comment, if your only hobby is picking up women (I hope it is not) you're going to consistently come off as a little desperate, and without standards. If a girl thinks she's just one of many you've asked out that day, she will turn you down, because you've made her feel like a statistic, not a woman who feels.

    That's why I encourage personal development. In order for them to feel special at being asked out, they need to feel that you're something special, not just a lethario. Even more importantly, they need to feel like YOU are specifically asking THEM because THEY are special, not because they have ass, tits, and nice hair.

    Now, about the sex forums: go back and read how many times you have vowed to quit reading the sex forums. It's been a lot, going back to the beginning. Perhaps, as I said, FLEXIBILITY would be prudent. Unless you hole yourself up in a cave, you are never going to completely avoid stimulating material. It's out there. I don't claim to have all the answers, but if you have really come this far and only indulged in porn one time, you're doing incredibly well. Don't take it to such an extreme that you can't handle it psychologically, because that will only lead to complete failure. You're doing well, allow yourself a bit of freedom -- sexual wiggle room if you will -- rather than imprisoning your urges.

    Maybe allow yourself an hour on Sundays and Thursdays to catch up on your forums. Perhaps that's all you need to feel sexually satisfied. That's a victory over addiction in my book.

    Porn Forgotten