Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 24

Apparently I messed up at some point with what day some of these entries were posted Day 16 Day 17 etc. I think I fixed it.

There's some comments under my story about getting screwed up at some girls house and I'll address those after I say this. Last night I went out with my brother and started a few conversations and then today I had some more conversations with strangers. It's taking a lot of different thinking to be able to do this and I know the effects are going to be massive. I only need 1 more conversation with a stranger today in order to complete the exercise for this week.

Now on to the comments:
PUA is a pick up artist. There's a massive, diverse online community dedicated to it.

Chris, first off thanks for commenting and offering your advice. Now let me say that PUA for me is not about getting "random tail." It's true that my goal is to sleep with as many attractive women as possible right now but it's not just for the sake of sex. PUA for me is about 1. becoming a man (more decisive, confident, and independent among many other things) and 2. becoming more attractive to the opposite sex.

When you start doing things that are significant (having an affect on the world) some people aren't going to like it. I accept that. There are people who aren't going to like the fact that I'm willing to sleep with a girl who has a boyfriend, there's going to be people who don't like the fact that I'm sleeping around period. I accept that.

None of that takes away from what I want: 1. to develop a stronger character (or personality if that's what you want to call it) and 2. be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Now somehow the topic of love came into this and you can't infer what I believe about love because I haven't addressed it. Love hasn't been a strong part of my personality. Only now am I trying to develop a basic love for all human kind. As for"couple love," I know this exists and my feelings towards it are pretty vague and undeveloped. Does that mean that what I'm doing now is wrong. hell no

I'm open to any comments or criticism, lets analyze my views on this stuff. I think it's fun.


I'm the man! I was feeling down and then I went out and got one more conversation in for this week and i feel good. I talked to this older guy at the mall and it was awesome, we talked for like an hour. Whenever I talk to my friends about serious life issues they get all stupid and stumble through the conversation but this guy was so experienced with life, he just had this simple advice for everything. It was great.

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  1. Being sexually and romantically confident around women is definitely a large part of being attractive, and of character. I would only caution you not to justify your intense desire for sex as somehow on the higher order of "developing character." (Although some might argue, and I wouldn't disagree, that sex itself is the HIGHEST order).

    But if developing character is your goal, that will be acheived mostly through world experience, education, and personal development. Most women are not attracted to somebody who's never left his hometown, who is a meathead, and who's only hobby is picking up girls. I'm not accusing you of any of these, but if your goal is character/attractiveness development, I would suggest that focusing on who you are, what you want, and what you enjoy doing will go further toward this end than just sleeping around.

    I admire your courage in attempting to improve your social skills, regardless. It's something I wish I had done at your age. At least I'm still young enough that it's not too late. I got a girl's phone number just last night, in fact! She was begging me to call her, even though she knew I had a girlfriend.

    I might just suggest you spend some of the time you might have spent walking around the mall talking to clerks (whose job it is to be friendly to you) and put it toward learning to play the piano, or learning a foreign language, or travelling, or community involvement. Watch how girls light up when you tell them you're a Big Brother, or you volunteer at the animal shelter. Being good pays in more ways than one.

    Porn Forgotten