Friday, November 24, 2006

Day 19

Well I've been looking at sex-related forums again. If I go without masturbation for three days I start losing my mind. It's kind of funny because it feels so good to have so much energy but my brain feels like its going to explode when i try to fight the urges.

All I think about is bending over every girl I meet.

So what's the deal then? Well I'm trying not to masturbate so much and I'm holding out in hopes that I can break free from my shyness and start getting laid again.

The next 5 days, my goal is start a 2-10 minute conversation with 10 strangers. Yeah! ALRIGHT! Crazy man. I'm excited. I have conversations with strangers all the time but I've never gone out with the sole intention of starting a conversation with just someone on the street.

I know if I can do this, I'll be feeling pretty damn good about myself and I'm going to do everything in my power to do it.

In the mean time I have to fight the urges to look at porn. MAN WHEN I DON'T masturbate, I WANT IT, almost as much as I want sex.

I also really see things clearly when i don't masturbate. I see how everyone is so caught up in distractions instead of improving themselves and working towards the things they care about.

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