Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day 17

I said hi to 50 strangers this last week. I went out twice with just the intention of making eye contact with people and I feel great about it. Next week I'll be pushing myself to make 10 conversations with strangers.

One of the things I realised this week is the importance of not beating myself up. It's not rejection that I fear, it's the way I treat myself after getting rejected. When I make a commitment to treat myself well no matter the outcome, everything becomes a lot easier. Screwing up has few consequences when you merely learn from experiences instead of calling yourself names or doing other mean things to yourself. I'm starting to think that really confident people are just people who treat themselves with respect and praise instead of meanness.

I've been extremely tempted to look at porn lately, let alone jacking off. My emotions are stronger when I have a strong sex drive and that is a brilliant thing when I use these emotions for good instead of evil.

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