Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day 21

Last night was crazy. I went over to this girls house while her boyfriend was away. I had met her in one of my classes and i knew she was into me so i asked her to show me this movie she was talking about. I showed up and she told me her boyfriend would be gone for 2 hours.

This was an easy opportunity to get laid but it went hilariously wrong. I don't smoke pot... i had only done it once before and it was a small ass pipe. shes high 24/7 and so she offered some of this **** to me. I tried to get her to sit next to me so I could get some kino going and she started saying something about her boyfriend not appreciating that. I knew she wanted to fck me (she was complaining about how she doesn't get along with her BF) but she wanted me to be aggressive so it wouldn't be her fault for cheating (no guilt). I couldn't muster the courage to be aggressive though because I had never fcked a girl who had a boyfriend before. So I decided that i should get high to break down my barriers and give her what she wanted (i think thats why she offered it).

I took a hit of this stuff and it had a HUGE effect on me to the point where i couldn't even put together more than 1 word sentences. I ended up throwing up all over her apartment and having her call my parents to come get me before her boyfriend showed up to possibly beat the **** out of me.


  1. dude, that is a pretty funny story.

    Funny, in a horrid way.

  2. You must be reading the Don Juan Discussion Forums, or have at least read some of the same material that's posted there.

    One thing I will warn you about that: learning to be a PUA is an incredible skill, but it's no substitute for personality and old-fashioned self-confidence. If all you ever want is random tail then go be a PUA. But eventually you're gonna get too old, or you're going to want to get married, or have kids, or (probably sooner) just have a decent relationship with a woman. Applying kino and negs do NOTHING for you after you slept with the girl.

    If you ever want LOVE, you've got to be a better person, not a better PUA. I'll take love over a one-night-stand any day.

    Porn Forgotten

  3. What the fuck does that even mean?