Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day 11

I've heard from 2 other guys who are quitting porn and it's great to hear from like-minded people when doing something like this. I've had moments where I've thought: this is silly - I'm the only person quitting porn for non-religious reasons. I know now that's not true. Good times.

Tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday I will be doing exercises to shake myself out of my shell.

The first exercise is to go out for 1 hour on 2 seperate occasions and just smile + establish eye contact with strangers. The point of this is to force myself to acknowledge the people around me instead of walking around while in my own little world.

The second exercise is to say hi to 50 strangers this week.

I feel good about this, it's about time I take some action.

I've felt bad a few times lately, and I've fought back with a passion. I'm proud of myself. The feeling bad led to a desire for porn but I know better. The real challenge will be this weekend. My parents are leaving for seatle and I'll probably be on my own for awhile. FCK loneliness, I know how to feel good.


I almost forgot. I'm kicking back on the masturbation. Sunday night (after 7pm) is my "special time." I'm using the calming techniques to reduce stress. I'm also quitting the computer. I'm only using it to pursue goals... I'm not using the computer for any entertainment except the occasional movie.

I'm headed in the right direction.


  1. You sound very positive, and I think devoting an evening a week to yourself like this is very healthy.

    Also, I didn't learn about smiling and making eye contact until I was probably 25, so you may be ahead of the curve here.

    Porn Forgotten

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