Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 12

So I went to the mall and tried to make eye contact with as many people as possible for an hour. It turned out okay. I didn't get much eye contact cause people seemed too busy looking at all the crap on the shelves. I said hi to 6 strangers and had 2 conversations with girls I've met before. After walking around and making eye contact (or at least trying to) for an hour, I felt warmed up socially speaking and it was great to have that feeling. Tomorrow I have to hit the SF zoo for research on an essay so I'm gonna try to say hi some more to get to my goal of 50 this week and I'll probably spend another hour hitting the pavement and trying to get eye contact.

I was nervous at first but then it became fun, trying new things to get people to stop staring at the floor and look up at me.

I started beating myself up at the end of the night though. I started going through the things I had done and thought about how I should have done this or that differently. I kept repeating the thought "I succeded tonight... I did it. I set out to do something tonight and i did it. I'm proud of myself."

...and I feel pretty good. I'm tired though so it's time for bed.

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