Saturday, October 28, 2006

Day 60

You know, I wonder...

My philosophy is, if it makes you feel good in the short term but does nothing for you (or worse yet works against you) in the long run, then it's not good for you. Now the long-term benefits aren't restricted to feelings: it can be learning something, helping someone, or having a good memory to look back on... many things.

Smoking, watching tv, doing drugs, playing video games, looking at porn, eating bad food, and many other habits are good examples of things that provide a quick "high" but offer nothing valuable after the experience ends.

These things are bad because they feel good in the short-term but have all kinds of long-term consequences: cancer (death), loneliness, health problems, etc.

So the question is........................................... do I eat candy on halloween?

haha. Honestly though, I might not. It's not like I learned anything, helped anyone, or gained any cool memories from eating candy last halloween or the 18 before that.

What's interesting is that I feel a strong urge to eat it but I believe that I can overcome this feeling cause I did so with porn....

Is this interesting to anyone but me? I don't know; I don't care. I should say something related to my quitting of porn cause that's what this blog is all about.

When I fantasize during masturbation, I might start with some memory of a porn clip but I consistently place myself in the scene and then I often begin thinking about girls I've actually met. This is a change. Again, i imagine this is normal for a lot of men but it's new to me cause I've never had to use my imagination for 2 months straight before.

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