Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day 61


Anything significant to say about today?

I don't feel addicted to porn. I feel stupid saying "my addiction." It's gone. It was mostly gone by day 40.

Tuesday I have a date with one girl. Thursday a date with another girl.

Women are part of my life, porn is not. Man I need to get laid... A month doesn't sound impressive but in my head... it's been way too long.

i don't seem to give a damn about anything. thats not true but so many of the little things i used to worry about are just falling away. I've let go of that which does not matter.

1 comment:

  1. Again, I've only read the blog up to this date, but for you to say your addiction is "gone" is incorrect. You've simply altered your habits. I guarantee that you could be right back where you were three months ago with one click of the mouse. Unfortunately, this can make you very vulnerable to relapse because you think you've got everything under control, so what's the harm in a little peek?

    You've done very well, and it's been interesting to see you go through the stages of withdrawal.

    Porn Forgotten