Friday, October 27, 2006

Day 59

What is there to say about day 59...

As the weeks go on, women grow more and more attractive. For the first time, I'm visualizing sex with almost every hot chick I come across. I didn't give a damn when I had porn to look at. Who cares about a nice ass outlined in jeans when I could go home and watch a similiar looking girl performing oral sex? AHA, but now... oh man, I can't take my eyes off that ass...

I can only assume that as the months go on, I will only be feeling what a lot of men already feel. For me, however, this is new. I've dilluted my urges towards women with porn for so long, I've never really had the full blown, natural desire to screw them (I'm not a poet; why pretend?). Sure I wanted to have sex but not like this.

Maybe this sounds desperate but that's not how I feel. I feel a strong realization of how beautiful and sexy women are. They're not perfect... but I see what draws me to them more clearly now.

screw porn

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