Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally an update

Well, I went over a 100 days without porn by shutting off my internet. Then I caved in and looked at porn using my girlfriends cell phone.

Fast foward and now we have decided to put the internet back on.

I've found myself with just about zero motivation to quit porn right now. I know that I feel energized and powerful when I masturbate less and don't use pornography and yet I get drawn into pornography nearly every night. I feel tired, a bit stressed, kind of lonely, and I look at pornography at night...


  1. What made you decide to switch the internet back on? I switched off my wifi at the weekend... will also use internet at work or take my laptop to a cafe with wifi now... I feel better already even with just a few days break.

  2. I switched it back on because going to the library and to cafes grew tiresome after awhile. It was great having it off until I started looking at porn on my girlfriends phone... Then the whole reason I switched the internet off didn't matter anymore. I totally encourage you to give it a shot. I got to warn you that if you have a phone with internet capabilities, you might find yourself in the same boat as me.

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