Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 25

I lost my job. I'm not sure whether I quit or was fired but thats that.

Simply and quickly, I had arguments with the bartender because he consistently attempted to get me to do his job for him. He had trouble doing his own job because he somehow convinced management to let him bar-tend and serve tables to increase his tips. When I ran into too much conflict with him, management decided to get rid of me instead of him. It's easier to find a new busser than a new bartender.

I'm now looking to get back into the cafe scene since I realize being a busser is really just signing up to be a whole restaurant's slave.

I doubt I'll find trouble getting a barista position somewhere.

I was really angry about all this last night when it happened but now I'm feeling positive and ready to move on. I don't have much temptation for pornography. It seems that my temptations for pornography were growing with the tension I was experiencing at work and now that it has ended, my temptations have reduced.

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