Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 24 without pornography

I had serious urges yesterday.

I had the computer unfiltered and had a pornography page open with my hand in front of the screen blocking my view. I closed the browser and then re-opened the pornography page with my hand in front again then closed it again. UGH.

The computer was unfiltered because I have to take off the filter when my GF and I watch movies on netflix. We forgot to put it back on and man I came close to caving.

I had the thought - JUST CAVE and then restart your attempt. Just give yourself the chance to relax ... going 20 something days is great... if you did that consistently... just looking at porn once every 20 days that would be amazing.


Here I am though, temptation resisted - Barely... 24 days down.


  1. yeah! good job bro! just don't go substituting something else for porn. keep the momentum!

  2. Yeah I had the same issue with looking at sexual forums as a replacement. I'm not sure how you're going to cut magazines out of your life without resolving whatever it is that is driving you to pornography in the first place.

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