Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Day 9

Making progress 1 day at a time.

Its amazing how repeated attempts just last longer and longer. I start out trying to quit porn and can last maybe a day. Then I try 10 more times and I can last a week. 20 more tries and a month goes by without porn.

Repeated attempts definitely helped me achieve over a 100 days without pornography and even though I eventually started looking at pornography again, these repeated attempts to quit pornography, lowered the amount of time I spend watching pornography overall.

If I wasn't repeatedly attempting to quit pornography, I would be watching it daily. Instead, I'm struggling to quit and I may look at pornography once a week and then after awhile, once a month and then a few months at a time.

Maybe the cure is this dogged determination. Just keep trying to make it a day longer than the last try.

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