Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day 75


I'm so tempted to look at pornography.

I've met some girls recently and the ups and downs of dating is dragging me down.

One girl I met seemed really into me and tonight I was supposed to chat with her on the phone but I was too tired and she sounded angry when I told her. Nothing I can do about that.... I'm too tired too bad... but its frustrating that it seems like she's now going to flake on me because of that.

I met another girl who I like but I haven't heard back from her.

I'm desperate... I think thats what the problem is... I don't have any girls in my life and I don't have pornography so I just feel crap....

This transition is not going to fun.

I feel so frustrated not having my pacifier.... pornography would soothe me in times like these...

Not having that sucks....

I'm going to get some sleep. I'm tired...


  1. Dont let these things like dating and wanting girls beside you bother you because think far like marriage and finding a true woman who only loves you.That should be a motivation rather than wanting girls to let out the frustation purpose only:)gd luck

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