Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 100

Well I've made it... I started this blog on August 29th 2006 and here I am, over 2 years later... finally at 100 days without pornography.

My internet is out and I'm sitting in front of a school near by my apartment using their wireless because I felt it was important to post today.

I hope to write a summary of this blog soon.

Thanks to everyone following my blog and posting supportive comments. I remember feeling so helpless and its such a relief to have been able to go this far and to have a general reduction in my temptation.

I'll post again soon with some reflection.


  1. your blog is inspirational! I'm currently at day 3 second attempt. So far I completely identify with the feelings you've written about.

  2. I'm glad. Keep a journal if you haven' started one yet.

  3. Congrats! Good to see that you've made it this long!

    Definitely take time to look back on these last 100 days and see the patterns of success. I had a chance to tell my story about my porn addiction on Dr. Kevin Skinner's radio show, "Pornography As I See It." Thought you might be interested: