Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day 59 (41 days to go)

What a day...

First I got up at 5:40 am... fell asleep again by accident... woke up at 6:05, rushed out of bed, into clothes and on my bike. Hit the road for 30 minutes and got to my friends house to day trade. At 8:00am I realized I was supposed to be at work at 7am so I called in and my boss told me he was going to write me up but that I didn't have to come in.

So that sucked...

But I did my best to salvage the day. I went shopping and got food and some fly paper for these damn house flies that keep showing up in my room.

Then I decided to hit the mall to practice approaching girls and as soon as I get there after riding my bike for half an hour, I realize my wallet is gone. I call my mom to ask how to cancel the credit cards in it and she tells me they got a message from somebody who found it. Long story short I get my wallet back but have to turn around and go all the way back from the mall before I have the chance to do anything.

So another lesson learned: Don't put stuff you care about in your pockets while riding your bike.

No strong urges for porn today and my sex drive isn't quite strong yet. It's getting there but it's only been 2 days without masturbating. I'm thinking by day 5 I'm gonna be ready to start humping girls on the street.

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