Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 10 (90 days to go)

My urges are low right now but I've felt some stronger urges when I'm bored.

One thing thats bugging me is that I don't have plans to hang out with anybody until Friday. And it makes me feel like I'm not moving forward to be going so long without hanging out with friends.

I feel a bit lonely because of that and that gives me the urge to look at pornography.

However, I really want this to be the last attempt to quit. I'm tired of going around in circles. I'm bored of pornography. I'm bored of jacking off in front of my computer instead of being brave and going out to meet chicks.

It's really important for me to be aware of when I'm down and bored and lonely. That's the time that I want to call somebody or find something else to do so that I can carve a new habit into place aside from looking at porn.

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