Friday, February 08, 2008

Day 2, Eighth Attempt

So I had a few false starts after my seventh attempt was over. That wasn't surprising considering I didn't really do anything to ensure success on my eighth attempt. So Yesterday i did a bunch of NLP and tonight I'm doing it again.

It comes back to those 4 causes I came up with earlier.

Friends - I don't have them. When I was at school a few weeks ago, I did, but now that I'm back home I have to find new ones. I'm looking to join a cycling club and a meditation club
Possibility of sex - Not happening... yet. I've made plans to start approaching chicks with the purpose of getting rejected so that I can stop being so afraid to approach.
Lack of relaxation - This one is a tough one but meditation, baths, exercise, and just doing everything I can to lower the importance of stuff that's stressing me out helps.
Lack of fun - This is another tough one for me. I tend to work too hard and not take enough time for myself. joining a cycling club and a meditation club will help. Also approaching girls and setting up some dates will help.

I'm doing NLP every night until I'm confident that I can go without it. I'm making a committment to go right back to NLP if I start feeling urges as well.

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