Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 26

Getting close to 1 month now and going strong.

So right now I'm facing a few obstacles to my progress.

1. I'm fighting a cold that just doesn't want to let up. When I'm sick I'm more likely to spend time in my room than going out and that creates a situation in which I'm more likely to look at the internet and be tempted to look at porn.

2. Occasionally I'll have an hour or so with nothing to do and I feel tempted to look at porn as a means of entertainment.

It's never right to ignore problems, even the smallest ones, because left unchecked they can grow. So I'm taking Nyquil at night to fight the cold and I'm leaving my room to go find people to hang out with or go for a walk or whatever when I'm bored in order to keep a physical distance from my desire to look at porn.

To be honest, I'm extremely confident right now because my urges are few and far between and when they are present they're very weak. I know I've said it before but the I can't stress enough the importance of having my life straightened out compared to my earlier attempts.

There were 4 problems that really tempted me to look at porn. They were: lack of friends, lack of play, lack of relaxation, and lack of sex (or belief that I can get sex).

Those 4 problems are solved right now, they might come back at other times of my life but it's most important that I find solutions for them if they come back because they are tremendously important.

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