Thursday, November 08, 2007

Day 22

So I've had a few urges to look at porn. They were a little stronger than before but nothing tempting enough to get me on the computer. It happened when I was bored and I wanted entertainment. I found other stuff to do though so it was fine.


  1. good luck with this! As fas as i know, none of the other bloggers trying to kick this very addictive habit are still active (trying bloody hard, porn forgotten, forever horny, heat of the moment), but it's kind of good to know that there's still someone out there going through the same as I am!!
    Stay strong, and if you do begin to waiver, then just text that girl down the hall!!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate your support. It's nice enough to know someones reading but when they agree with what I'm saying as well it's always to great to hear.