Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 2: Fourth Attempt

So I learned two strategies for dealing with stress.

1. Spend time around other people. Specially if I'm working on something stressful, it helps just to be around someone else to express my frustration.

2. Close my eyes and say (in my head) "I command my eyes to blank out all tension."

I got a ton of pressure from the girl I'm seeing, I guess I should just say girlfriend, to look at porn with her since I broke my 30 day streak anyways but I had an essay to write last night so we didn't. And now that it's day 2, I'm just saying no way. I'd rather start counting the days since my last viewing of porn than give in again just to have freaky sex while watching together.

That sounds like a load of bs but it's true. I hate porn. I despise it. I hate looking at it, i hate the feeling I get after I watch it... it's like having all my will-power depleted.

Anyways I'm tired because i didn't sleep well.

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