Sunday, January 07, 2007

Day 63

Got back from skiing in tahoe.. man, whats it been, like 14, 15 days without masturbating... i can't describe my horniness. its great, i have so much energy though. i haven't been skiing since i was like 6 so i fell a lot and ripped my groin doing the splits... nah it was fun though

we're almost to day 68 which will mark my record for quitting porn since my last attempt. I truly believe, on a deep, deep, deep level that this is it. I believe I've figured out the issues behind why i looked at porn and i feel i understand what i want and how im going to work towards getting it.

masturbation is a bit of a fuzzy subject though. I've gone half a month about... and im okay... i think i can safely go a month but if i haven't had sex by that point, ill probably have to do something so that i dont end up getting colon cancer or some weird problems from not ejaculating enough.

Every day that goes by is the horniest day of my life. I think the longest i went before this was a week. it's frustrating sometimes but its fun. ive never admired the female figure as much as i do now and its great.

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