Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day 55

One of my goals for 2007 is to stop masturbating. For the last month or so I've half-heartedly tried to stop but mostly I've been going 3-4 days and then giving in.

If all goes to plan, I'll be closing my blog on November 6, 2007... marking one year without porn. I'm confident it will happen. My mind is occupied with my life and with improving my skills with women... not falling back into comfort and unfulfilling distractions like porn.

Last night I went into the city. I hit up this jazz type place and there was one older chick sitting by herself. She was probably late 20s. I sat with her and watched the band for a few minutes. I forget how the conversation started but I told her it was my 21st birthday and she got all excited. She asked me to dance and I don't know how to dance.... sooo I told her yes. We danced and I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun as hell. I spun her a few times and pulled her in close.... I had only known her for a few minutes and already her body was pressed up against mine. It's a crazy kind of feeling to be so intimate with a stranger. It's awesome. I probably had an opportunity to kiss her but I didn't get the nerve.... next time... I think she wanted to hang with me some more afterwards but she was waiting for a friend. That was the highlight of my birthday.

I hit a dance club next. Again I haven't danced much before so I was pretty bad. But I was proud of myself for having the balls to get in there. I was the youngest person there (obviously cause it was my 21st birthday) so I'm proud of being able to hang in that environment and not feel like too much of an outsider. I definitely want to learn some moves. It would be so easy to just move in there and grind with the girls if I had a bit more skill.

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