Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day 52

MAN.... 2 days of NLP and drawing all day. haha

My camera isn't working anymore. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday. Anyways here a pic of my drawing from a few days ago:As of today, it has a dome above that steeple in the middle and I'm working on another, smaller dome to the right behind those little towers. This is my fourth and final drawing.... I started drawing in 8th grade. I was in an art class and I did a drawing of a victorian house and managed to impress myself so I went on to do 3 more drawings, including this one.

I figure it still needs another 5 hours worth of work on it. I was hoping to finish it by Friday but if not then definitely before the new year. It's pretty exciting because I started it on June 4th 2005. It's been a year and a half... amazing



I masturbated yesterday a couple of times. I felt aggrivated and stressed out. Maybe it was all that NLP... I seriously spent 4 straight hours going through exercises on stuff I wanted to change... like issues around friendship and dating.

My urges for porn were kinda strong so masturbating helped die them down.

I have a new lap top and my clunky pc is gone.

It's a great feeling going into the new year with a new laptap and the knowledge that I'll never look at porn on it.

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