Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 41

41 days without pornography, we're getting up there. I can't wait til I pass 67.... It'll be proof that I learned from my mistake.

I just got into a big fight with someone and I was so angry I was ready to start punching people in the face. Having more testosterone has its downsides. Then again, I didn't punch anybody, and I like feeling the power of being able to be angry without feeling guilt. I know not to act violently and I don't tolerate people putting blame on me.

I realized I was angry and decided, I didn't want to be mad. I thought about sex and it completely destroyed my state of anger. I appologized for fighting and said I didn't want to be angry and I walked away.

I approached an asian chick today in a book store. We talked about japanese books for about a minute and then she bailed. I would have rather kept her interest but it was cool just getting in the practice of approaching.

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