Friday, December 15, 2006

Day 40

Alright! A nice solid number... 40 days without pornography. Good stuff.

I've had some temptations but I've completley associated pornography as a distraction I used in the past to feel better about not getting sex...

Pornography = regression

Porn sucks.

so anytime i feel an urge to look at porn, I just think "the only reason I want to look is because I'm lonely, horny, or I feel my odds of getting laid are low and porn isn't what i really want... I want sex"

Anyways, I'm still sick and it sucks. Schools out, finals are over, I'm happy about that. Yesterday I approached 3 girls and a guy sitting in the cafeteria. I asked "whose the smartest." They looked at eachother and then the girls pointed at the guy. We laughed, I asked him to tell me the meaning of a word in my book that i didn't understand. He told me and I stated walking away. They started saying something about how I approached cause they were asian (all but one of the girls) and I shot back "aw dont give me that crap, you were the closest table."

Later the 2 guys i was hanging out with took off so i went and sat with the group I approached. Now it was just 2 of them. the white girl and an asian girl. We talked for like an hour and it was fun. the white girl was dorky and funny, the asian girl was an artist and she started drawing me as a millionaire and the white girl as my trailer trash girlfriend.

Next time I'll swap numbers instead of giving them my email.

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