Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day 31


My urges to look at forums has been strong but its been slowly fading. Why? Well lets remember the causes of my desire for porn:

Horniness: This hasn't changed... I haven't masturbated in like 4 days, I think about sex constantly
Loneliness: I'm not lonely.
Odds of getting laid: This is subjective and right now i feel my odds are up. This last week I really pushed myself to make 10 approaches to girls im attracted to. I only got myself to do it on the last 2 days before the end of the week (today) and i got 5. I'm proud of myself though... i really pushed hard just to get those 5.

today i got an email from a cutie and a phone number from this really hot girl in one of my classes. then i made 4 approaches to total strangers.

I tried to get 5 more but it didn't come together. I've been talking to this one older girl from adult friend finder and that may come together so im feeling pretty good.

finals are next week and starting tomorrow, ill have a new challenge to complete on top of finishing up the last 5 i needed for this week.

GOOD TIMES - gotta keep it up... im not masturbating because i need all the motivation i can get to overcome my fears and pursue girls. the hornier i am the more willing i am to do what i gotta do to get laid.

I've never been so social, understanding, and loving towards people as i am now... the last 3 weeks have been a blast

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