Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day 30

ROAR - no masturbation is a good thing! I made one approach today. I open a door for this girl and she says thank you in french. I smile and ask her if she's french and she pulls out every rediculous line she can think of in order to be condescending. "Just because a person speaks french doesn't mean their french." Geez lady, good thing i ran into you... where did you get such wisdom? to think, I was about to deport your ass...

I should have said that but i tried to change the subject and failed instead. I was mad but I was also happy for being able to do it.

I don't hate this girl, i didn't have the wit to steal her frame away. It was actually kind of funny to get owned by her.

Good times... I want 9 approaches tomorrow.

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