Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 9

This entry is about dating. Actually it's about pre-dating. You must be mentally healthy before you can successfully date people.

Two things I'm working on:

1. Not beating myself up. The perfectionist side of me must die. And with this death, the nurturing, ecouraging, and insightful side of me is born.

I'm catching insults and negitive generalizations and replacing them with nurturing, encouraging, and insightful thoughts.

Instead of:
Oh man I approached that girl and made an ass out of myself. She probably thinks I'm a loser.

I think:
I'm the only one in class who had the guts to approach that girl. I'm proud of myself. What can i learn from this experience? Next time I want to slow down the conversation a bit and really think about what I'm saying and what I want.

2. The second thing I'm working on is trusting people. I believe that everyone deep-down is good. Of course there are people out there who do bad things but a paranoid life isn't worth living.

So I'm simply practicing by saying "I trust this person" and then it's just a game to keep reminding myself that this person is good and i trust him/her.

Awareness is a beautiful thing.


  1. Hey man, I picked up your blog from the dude who publishes "Trying Bloody Hard", I just thought I'd tip my hat.

    As far as your pre-dating experiences go man: be confident, not cocky. Metaphorically: The one thing that has worked for me is not to jam your foot in the door and make a scene, but let them give you the keys. Ultimately that is what you want right? To have somone is interested in you and initiates a relationship out of their own free will.


  2. Thanks man, I always appreciate advice.